Premiere: The Arresting Allure of Tall Children’s Sunny “Be with Me”

Tall Children’s “Be with Me” offers a poppy blend of George Michael, The 1975, and Justin Timberlake in a vibing, uptempo embrace of love and submission.
for fans of George Michael, The 1975, and Justin Timberlake 

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There’d be no one that can stop us…won’t you come and be with me?

Tall Children is by no means the only pop act to come out of England’s Liverpool, but he’s certainly one of the most exciting sounds from the city in quite some time: The artist moniker for one Ben Hughes, Tall Children has an arresting allure about him and his infectiously upbeat, feelgood music. His sophomore single “Be with Me” offers a poppy blend of George Michael, The 1975, and Justin Timberlake in its vibing, uptempo embrace of love and unequivocal submission to intimacy.

Tall Children © 2019
Tall Children © 2019
She talks a different way
brown eyes as deep as the day,
I saw her singing along
lights went up, then she was gone,
Cause I lose myself
in you, ahh ahh

And the things that we could do

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Be with Me,” a high-energy invitation to bask in the delight of shared connection. Independently released in February, “Be with Me” follows June 2018’s debut single “Song for You,” which introduced Tall Children through a ray of sonic bliss. Radiating a glowing, feel-good warmth, Tall Children sings with earnest affection and heartfelt emotion. He is a pop singer/songwriter, his energizing melodies perfectly encapsulating the stories and sentiments behind deceptively detailed, yet universally-relatable lyrics.

“After the recent success of ‘Song For You’, my new release ‘Be with Me’ felt like a further step to flesh out the sound of Tall Children,” Ben Hughes tells Atwood Magazine. “Firstly, it’s a 2-minute pop banger that makes you want to tap your foot and lose your head at a festival. Secondly, the instruments still remain firmly organic to feel like a band performance. Thirdly, I channelled influences from the likes of Prince, rooted in a funky pop arena. However to me, all that is just the tip of a very big iceberg – the statement of the song is saying so much more than what initially appears on the tin.”

That message is one of hope, belief in something greater than the individual, and steadfast determination. As the artist notes in his video description, “the statement ‘Be with Me’ is an extension of the previous single ‘Song For You,’ in which the statement was to the world, saying ‘notice me‘. ‘Be with Me’ is a further enticement. When people have taken notice I’m literally saying to them: ‘There’d be no one that can stop us…won’t you come and be with me?’ It’s about joining the movement and jumping on the train.”

Tall Children’s earworm chorus is full of life and brimming with excitement:

There’d be no one that can stop us,
If you grab your things, jump off I got ya,
Stones at your bedroom window,
won’t you come and be with me.

Patiently waited, for the moment to instigate it,
Stones at your bedroom window
won’t you come and be with me
Tall Children "Be with Me"
Tall Children “Be with Me”
Tall Children "Be with Me"
Tall Children “Be with Me”
Tall Children © 2019
Tall Children © 2019

Filmed almost entirely in black and white, and in what appears to be a dimly lit church (though it would certainly make a great concert hall – and forgive us if it is!), Tall Children’s “Be with Me” video focuses our attention on the artist’s high energy performance and his ability to do so much with relatively little. It’s just the sole performer on the pulpit stage throughout, and up-close shots intersperse with perspectives from the back of the room to capture the simultaneous immensity and intimacy of Hughes’ performance. No matter where or how we’re seeing him, the artist effectively capitulates his music’s effervescence.

Why did I wait so long?
Is it really where you belong?
With somebody that you,
don’t believe in, fight the feeling
To stay and play it safe,
take a leap it’s not far away,
I’m not your typical type
of teenage shit for brains
no I’ve been working

Rich with catchy hooks and that unnervingly dynamic bounce, “Be with Me” is a charming sunburst ready to grooved with all summer long. Stream the new music video on Atwood Magazine, and jump on the train with Tall Children!

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Tall Children © 2019

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