Premiere: The Intimate Howl of Caitlin Eadie’s Anthemic “Wolf Cry”

Caitlin Eadie © 2017
Caitlin Eadie © 2017
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We all need a mantra: That personal statement of self-empowerment that gives us the strength to endure anything, the determination to persevere, and  the motivation to move forward. Dark times hit us all – often when we’re least expecting it, but Los Angeles indie pop artist Caitlin Eadie is ready for anything with a musical panacea to help us through the worst moments.

I’ll show you something of the soul,
Unspoiled parts of me that I call my own,
Wolf Cry, Wolf Cry
Look you in the eye, tell you it’s my time..
Standing in my desert, thirsty for rain,
Starving for the day,
but it’s always been mine to take,

Out of cage, no shame,
I want everything, I’ll go get everything
Listen: “Wolf Cry” – Caitlin Eadie
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Wolf Cry,” the powerfully provocative new single off Caitlin Eadie’s upcoming sophomore album, Balancing Act (out July 14, 2017). Evoking a Lana Del Rey-meets-MisterWives sound, Caitlin Eadie’s music aches with the dripping, slow-burn haze of Los Angeles, California. Per the artist, “Wolf Cry” is her new album’s standout track – if ever such a term existed – in that it encompasses all that Ms. Eadie has set out to accomplish over the past few years, packing in her passion for pop, hip-hop, R&B, and more 3.5 minutes of intimate glory.

“Wolf Cry” opens on a dark stage. A harrowing piano melody lays quick groundwork for Eadie, whose voice comes in quiet, yet fierce. This is her moment. She knows it, and she makes sure we know it, too – literally singing, “look you in the eye, tell you it’s my time” as she establishes dominance in her own arena. Too often, we let others take control of our lives. We succumb to others’ will, allowing time to pass us by and hoping for passive healing.

“Wolf Cry” is the resilient, passionate assertion of someone who won’t let anyone decide her life anymore.

Caitlin Eadie art
Caitlin Eadie © 2017
Gather myself, piece by piece,
False alarm looks, cuz’ there all just sheep,
Baby I’m the fire coming you can’t see,
But you’re gonna..
Feel me, Feel me
You’re gonna feel me
Hear me, Hear me
You’re gonna hear me
See me, See me
You’re gonna see me
Feel me, Feel me
You’re gonna feel me..

Eadie comes in strong and hard in the pre-chorus and chorus, acknowledging her broken parts to make sure we know where she’s coming from, and why this song matters. “‘Wolf Cry’ is a song I wrote for the hard times,” she tells Atwood Magazine. “The times when you forget your own power and magic. For me, it’s a reminder to stay empowered, and inspired, no matter the circumstances life brings you. It’s about being brave enough to break away from anything holding you back.”

Never again, so to speak. Caitlin Eadie is reclaiming her life and capturing our full attention in the process, bellowing out a vigorously soulful self-empowered anthem.

Died a hundred deaths before 23,
But that tiny little light of patience and peace,
Is my Wolf Cry, Wolf Cry
Love notes I can’t keep inside,
This time I won’t hide..

“I love wearing my heart on my sleeve through words and melodies,” says Eadie. Her writing is incredibly personal, a characteristic that gives it that intimate, yet universal touch that so many artists and listeners gravitate toward. Set against a “retro pop” production style that lends her words that additional melancholic gravity, “Wolf Cry” and its lyrics hit home with profound ease.

Out of the darkness, and into the light: We are all superhuman deep down inside, but sometimes we just need someone (or something) to turn the key and unlock our true potential. It’s time to bring Caitlin Eadie into your life, and to make “Wolf Cry” your mantra. “Music allows us an outlet to never be alone with our feelings,” says Eadie. May we never feel alone again.


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Balancing Act - Caitlin Eadie

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