Premiere: CAVERNS’ “Times Is Hard” Explodes with Raucous Energy

CAVERNS © 2017
CAVERNS © 2017
NYC indie rock duo CAVERNS pull their own weight in delivering an authentically raw, cinematic listening experience on comeback single “Times Is Hard.”

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Indie rock band CAVERNS have a message for everyone: They’re coming. “Ever face plant into a box of Krispy Kremes? Ever wonder what it’s like to watch comets bang?” the NYC duo asks us. “Our ear sweeper single ‘Times Is Hard‘ will turn Black Friday green with envy.” As ridiculous as that sounds, CAVERNS are right – so you better hold on tight…

I can’t wait another day
To feel this way I’m sure
I can’t wait another day
love for you
I can’t escape for sure
and I want to my love
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Times Is Hard,” the explosive new single from CAVERNS. Consisting of Nicola Wincenc (vocals, guitar, synths) and Russell Holzman (drums, keys), CAVERNS first emerged two years ago sporting an ambient and warm indie rock glow. “Times Is Hard” is the first single since their 2015 debut Tonche EP, the result of “exploration with our sonic spaceship [and GRAMMY winning producer] Warren Riker.”

Times Is Hard - CAVERNS single art
Times Is Hard – CAVERNS

Combining Wincenc’s high, passionate vocals with dramatically overdriven guitars and dynamic synth textures, “Times Is Hard” hits us square in the face. While reminiscent of Muse and other experimental hard rock acts, CAVERNS pull their own weight in delivering an authentically raw, cinematic listening experience.

I can’t wait another day love
for you to get back
How do you take it this way
I’ve been here before

It’s face-melting rock at its finest: Quiet moments of serenity are disrupted by raucous bursts of energy that shock the senses. CAVERNS are restless in their bombast, evoking a relatable longing for a love who’s too far away. They channel that emotion into their music, birthing a formidable force that beckons us closer, daring us to jump into the hot seat with them.

CAVERNS © 2017
CAVERNS © 2017

“Times Is Hard” when you’re far away from the one you want to be with, but CAVERNS’ cataclysmic new single makes the waiting a little more bearable. Stay tuned for more from this promising powerhouse, and stream their comeback song “Times Is Hard” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Fans in the New York area can catch CAVERNS opening for Greta Van Fleet’s sold-out show at Bowery Ballroom on December 5.

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Times Is Hard - CAVERNS single art

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