“I’ll give you my head, my heart, my bones”: Devon Trio Tors Embrace Honesty & Intimacy in Heartfelt ‘Miracle’ EP

Tors 'Miracle' © Anna Lowry
Tors 'Miracle' © Anna Lowry
English trio Tors take us track-by-track through their soul-stirring ‘Miracle’ EP – a tender, triumphant record whose rich harmonies and sweet melodies combine with intimate stories and honest poetry to create a deeply meaningful, memorable, and moving musical journey.
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A lot of the songs have this undertone of hopefulness, but also restlessness, which very much describes us as people.

Like a glimmer in the eyes, Tors’ latest EP shines with an inner light.

Six heartfelt songs find the trio from South West England at their most intimate, unfiltered, and unapologetically exposed, coming together as one to share their innermost selves the way they know best. Rich harmonies and soaring melodies help make Miracle an endlessly catchy listen, but it’s the band’s raw humanity and sheer vulnerability that make it transcendent: A real-life magical experience for the head and the heart.

Miracle EP - Tors
Miracle EP – Tors
Oh, oh, so bittersweet
Yeah, well, she comforts me
I, I, I’m right between
Holy and the edge of the water
Sleeping on the backseat
People walking past me
I was never someone
who could turn out the lights

I wonder why
Oh, oh, oh, in my dreams
Yeah well, she comforts me
They say it’s a work of art
Every time I fall apart
But it can get so lonely
Oh, I’ve been waiting for a miracle
– “Miracle,” Tors

Released April 26, 2024 via Glassnote Records, Miracle is a charming, spirited, seductive, and soulful folk rock reverie. Tors’ confessional third EP arrives some 16 months after 2023’s acclaimed EP Anything Can Happen (which featured the hit single of the same name), and sees the band of brothers Matt and Theo Weedon and childhood friend Jack Bowden finding beauty in honesty.

Recorded and produced with Simone Felice (Noah Kahan, The Lumineers, Jade Bird) over three visit to Woodstock, New York, Miracle is a spectacular parade of heart-on-sleeve reflections and reckonings, each bolder and more breathtaking than the last. Working with Felice, the trio dug deeper into themselves than they ever had before, picking apart where they were at this juncture in time and channeling that into that sweet crossroads of folk, pop, and alternative that has, for years, made them a standout on the indie scene.

I can picture your room
Every time that I do
We’re alone in the back of my head
All the notes on the wall
And the pillow too small
What I’d give to be back in your bed
I don’t wanna lose ya
I don’t wanna hurt ya
But I did nonetheless
You bring me closer to god
But I’m not what you thought
I’m adrift, I’m awake, I’m a mess
– “Tell You,” Tors
Tors 'Miracle' © Anna Lowry
Tors ‘Miracle’ © Anna Lowry

“It’s a collection of songs we wrote over the span of around six tours in as many months that accidentally turned into this cohesive body of work that we feel really encapsulates that particular time in our lives as a band,” Tors tell Atwood Magazine. “A lot of the songs have this undertone of hopefulness, but also restlessness, which very much describes us as people.”

“We recorded the EP deep in the Catskills countryside in upstate New York with a hero of ours, named Simone Felice (The Lumineers, Noah Kahan, etc.). We didn’t know what to expect, but when we arrived, we were met by this bearded mountain wizard with a knife strapped to his hip and immediately taken to the creek by the studio for our first baptism.”

“After that, we made a mission statement to find true Tors, no matter what it took – and through a whirlwind of late nights, Modelos, and soul-searching, we feel like we managed it. It’s a very organic record; we played every instrument you hear and really made a conscious effort to keep the songs as pared back as possible, while still sounding arena-worthy. Hopefully, that’s how it comes across.”

“It definitely feels like an evolution in terms of sound for us. We’ve tried to stay as true to how we sound onstage as possible and give people the most authentic version of ourselves.”

I’ll give you my head,
My heart, my bones,
I’ll give you my bed,
My spark, my home,
I don’t need anything left when you go,
So when you leave me you won’t leave me whole,
Take all the light
My eyes allow,
Cause they only shine,
When you’re around,
I won’t see anything else when you go,
But somewhere inside I’ll be holding you close
– “Only for You,” Tor
Tors © Anna Lowry
Tors © Anna Lowry

Tors © Anna Lowry
Tors © Anna Lowry

The ‘Miracle’ EP is the truest form of Tors we’ve ever released, a body of work that finally feels and sounds like the band we are in our heads.

The band candidly describe Miracle as raw, heartfelt, and honest.

The EP takes its name from the radiant opening track, which has become a runaway hit since its release last September – amassing over 4 million streams on Spotify alone (which makes it Tors’ second-biggest career hit to date).

“[It’s] a song all about chasing our dreams despite every obstacle put in our way,” they explain. “We’ve taken a long journey to get to where we are now – from sleeping in cars and traveling hours to play to 8 people for no money to selling out our US tour in 2 days. It’s our reminder to stay the course and keep putting the work in.”

From end to end, Miracle embraces life’s natural wonder and beauty, ebb and flow. Tors’ three voices tastefully come together as one on soul-stirring crescendos like the cathartic release in “Tell You,” the vulnerable declaration of undying love in “Only for You,” and the passionate climax of “Happy Enough” – an invigorating song whose warning about pursuing happiness in lieu of embracing the full range of emotional experiences hits hard and leaves a lasting mark. “Happiness is only part of what makes life worth living and like the best things, it doesn’t last forever,” the band advise.

I wish I was,
Happy in life,
Happy in love,
Happy inside,
Happy enough,
Hope I never sing it again,
But I’m happier high,
Happier drunk,
Dying that I’m,
Happier numb,
Maybe I just needed a friend
– “Happy Enough,” Tors

Miracle is full of meaningful lines memorialized in memorable melodies, making the journey from Tors’ triumphant title track “Miracle” to the gently dramatic finale “Heavy Hearts” one that invites repeat listens, deep-dives, and singalongs. The group unpack relatable themes of love and loss, longing and uncertainty through poetic motifs like starlight and silence, creating tender worlds of comfort and aching in each song.

“‘Miracle’ is always such a fun song to play live because it really seems to have connected with people,” the band say on the topic of their own favorites. “‘Only for You’ is also a special one because it’s us stripped down to our true essence: One guitar and our voices.” They cite the lyric “we got so lost in each other // we lost one another and never made it out,” from “Only for You,” as a personal favorite.

Tors © Anna Lowry
Tors © Anna Lowry

Funny how the life you lose becomes the one that you need…

– “Heavy Hearts,” Tors

For Tors, Miracle is not only indicative of their growth together as a band, but it’s also a powerful insight into who they are as humans – and perhaps it’s that intimate exposure, which they have so wholeheartedly embraced across these six tracks, that makes this EP as endearing as it is enchanting.

After all, it’s one thing to hear three people singing, and another entirely to hear them spilling their souls.

“We hope it encourages listeners to chase their dreams as honestly and relentlessly as possible,” the band share. “We’ve definitely added another rung to the ladder that we now need to climb above for the next record.”

Experience the full record via our below stream, and peek inside Tors’ Miracle EP with Atwood Magazine as Matt Weedon, Theo Weedon, and Jack Bowden take us track-by-track through the music and lyrics of their latest release!

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Miracle EP - Tors

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“‘Miracle’ is a song about chasing your dreams headfirst and without compromise, even when all the odds feel stacked against you. It’s not that you won’t quit, but rather that you don’t know how; something in your DNA keeps pushing you forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s based on our own experiences being a band and fighting tooth and nail to keep our heads above the water, knowing that our own miracle was coming.”

Tell You

“Have you ever loved someone who never knew how you really felt? How different would life be if you’d had the chance to tell them? These are the questions ‘Tell You’ grasps at, trying to fill the painful space between open-ended memories and closure. Sometimes the hardest decisions to live with are the ones we didn’t make.”

Happy Enough

“‘Happy Enough’ is a song about the dangers of pursuing happiness, chasing a feeling you know you can’t sustain. In this life, we’re taught to measure our worth in success, money, and legacy – leaving most of us scared we’ve wasted our time and worried about what we’ll leave behind. So we run headfirst into quick fixes and simulations of happiness that leave us lower than where we started, instead of processing our emotions and the ebb and flow of the human condition. Happiness is only part of what makes life worth living and like the best things, it doesn’t last forever.”

Still Life

“‘Still Life’ is a song about realising you’re in a relationship stuck on autopilot. You’re both going through the motions of what you’ve been told love looks like and you’re comfortable, but you’re not truly happy. It’s your last rallying call to arms, knowing that if you don’t work to change things now, you might stay this way forever.”

Only For You

“‘Only For You’ is a rare release for us, we don’t often write love songs for fear of sounding disingenuous or struggling to convey our feelings without becoming saccharine. But this song felt different; it fell out of the sky very quickly and embodied our experiences in an honest and raw way that we hadn’t captured before. Written in between takes in a studio in Woodstock, we recorded it that evening and haven’t touched the track since. What you’re hearing is exactly how we played it the very first time.”

Heavy Hearts

“‘Heavy Hearts’ is an apology of sorts, written during a really difficult period of our lives where we were forced to own our mistakes and stop running with our eyes closed. It’s a song about begging the person you love to forgive the parts of you you’re the most ashamed of and the most scared to show.”

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Miracle EP - Tors

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