Samples, Sonnets, and the Surf-Punk Scene: A Conversation with The Frights

The Frights is Mikey Carnevale (vocals/guitar), Richard Dotson (bass), Marc Finn (drums). and Jordan Clark (guitar). © Rowan Daly

In light of recent accusations of sexual misconduct against Mikey Carnevale of The Frights, Atwood Magazine has decided to pull this interview from our website.


Hi! I’m Lexi. I’m 19. I’m an Aries, an INFP and I live in Brooklyn. I’m currently a sophomore in college double majoring in Journalism and Contemporary Music. I love writing about music, both my favorite artists and new ones I discover along the way. I also love writing songs, but was blessed with a lack of a decent singing voice so I dabble in production (sometimes). Basically, I dig every aspect of the music industry and am collecting knowledge from the different areas I work in the same way Thanos collects infinity stones. Usually found either at a show or at home typing away.