Today’s Song: Solar-Powered Band Trapdoor Social’s “The Lie” Is Not Another Sugarcoated Love Song

Trapdoor Social
Trapdoor Social
“The Lie” is the latest single from Trapdoor Social, an environmentally aware band who not only play music but do so at solar-powered gigs.
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Anyone who is venturing into a relationship for the first time is to some degree scared about the uncertainty of it all, and rightly so. You become infatuated with someone, they become your everything. The thought of suddenly losing that is terrifying. When things get tough, sometimes it’s easier to sweep it under the carpet and hope for the best than to address the issue and risk a not-so-happy ending.

The Lie – Trapdoor Social

Trapdoor Social’s “The Lie” is about those moments when that crippling fear of losing someone results in bottled up feelings and avoided conversations. “’The Lie’is some kind of sweet lullaby about the ups and downs in a relationship and the active choice we make sometimes to postpone conflict, inevitable as it really may be, and tell ourselves ‘this is gonna be alright.’ A lot of our songs have positive energy and uplifting messages, and we love the idea of encouraging our listener… But this song plays with the darker moments and that feeling of hiding your head in the sand when the problems are bigger than we can face,” explained the band in a statement.

Lying somewhere in between lighthearted pop and an indie sound, the song melds lush synths and delays with interesting guitar solos tinged with a bright tone and tasteful combination of effects, creating a fresh sonic landscape.

Cause there’s nothing like
it not like the way you move
I can try but I can’t hide it from you
Cause I can’t wait for you
I can’t wait for you

The lyrics encapsulate the burning sensation of repressing one’s feelings for the greater good, which is keeping a relationship alive, even knowing they will come out sooner or later. They convey the reality of many people in an ill-fated love affair, who try to hold on to it for as long as possible, choking in their own words and taking on the burden because of their fear of losing what they believe to be the biggest pillar in their lives.

Trapdoor Social © Colleen Allison

“The Lie” proves that Trapdoor Social can create captivating tunes; however, writing music is only part of what they do as a band. Having met in an environmental studies program, they are advocates for sustainability, something they introduced into their playing in a very unique manner: by producing solar-powered concerts and festivals.

In this day and age, the planet is in a critical state, and people’s environmental awareness is quickly growing. However, it has not been a topic widely explored in the music industry. Trapdoor Social has seen the gap and filled it, becoming activists and using music to fight for a cause, joining the narrative in which many have used music as a vehicle for social change throughout history. With magnetic songs and a strong message, Trapdoor Social has all the ingredients for success.

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