Today’s Song: Hermanos Gutiérrez Yearn for Reunion in “Until We Meet Again”

Hermanos Gutiérrez © Jim Herrington
Hermanos Gutiérrez © Jim Herrington
Ecuadorian-Swiss brother duo Hermanos Gutiérrez speak instrumentally, guided by principles rooted in unrevealed mystery and beautiful adventure on “Until We Meet Again,” taken off their forthcoming album, ‘Sonido Cósmico.’
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“Until We Meet Again” – Hermanos Gutiérrez

Hermanos Gutiérrez remain on a mission to share the tattered roadmap for an instrumental pilgrimage.

Lacking the explicit direction that is often displayed in the form of lyric, brothers Alejandro and Estevan Gutiérrez resort to intuition, feeling and response, a myriad of harmony and seamless exchange of lap-steel and guitar, telling stories of bittersweet reconciliation and rejuvenation that teem with influences of 1950s Latin American sound.

Released April 11, “Until We Meet Again” previews the duo’s upcoming record Sonido Cósmico (Cosmic Sound), produced by Dan Auerbach and out June 14th via Easy Eye Sound.

Until We Meet Again - Hermanos Gutiérrez
Until We Meet Again – Hermanos Gutiérrez

“It was during soundcheck in San Antonio, TX where we accidentally discovered the idea for this song,” said Hermanos Gutiérrez in a press release via Easy Eye Sound. “It stayed present for months and always reminded us of one of our favorite movies, Paris, Texas directed by Wim Wenders.”

“The pace and the warmth of the song are inspired by the scenery and aesthetics of the movie, following the narrative of father-son relationship and their way of reconnecting while being on the road together through the landscapes of the American Southwest. The song somehow reflects our relationship as brothers of finding ourselves together again while being on the road and sharing our music with so many beautiful people.”

Hermanos Gutiérrez © Jim Herrington
Hermanos Gutiérrez © Jim Herrington

The duo find themselves on a trajectory that seems to be unstoppable:

Fresh off of their first Coachella appearance, opening sold out shows for Khruangbin, preparing for an upcoming tour featuring their biggest shows to date  – all the while teasing their upcoming record (with the occasional “salsa y cumbia” vinyl set thrown into the mix).

A voyage of discovery and tendering of the spark that exists at the root of every friendship or relationship that has been whittled away or detached, “Until We Meet Again” provokes a longing for two souls to cross paths yet again, represented by the duo’s signature style of beautifully soothing guitar taking turns featuring a cry out alone before being intertwined harmoniously.

Sonido Cósmico - Hermanos Gutiérrez
Sonido Cósmico, Hermanos Gutiérrez’s new album produced by Dan Auerbach, is set to release June 14th via Easy Eye Sound

Although the reality of a guitar duo appears simple, the conviction and style in which each guitar chord, riff and melody is played marks a significantly sonic maturity for the brothers, who continue to find ways to speak through their guitar work, telling fleshed out stories of nostalgia, suffering and hope through the strings they so tenderly strum.

A video accompanies “Until We Meet Again,” providing extraterrestrial and supernatural imagery that enhances the lyricless story. Appearing to be on a long and weary journey in the desert foothills, Hermanos Gutiérrez meet a generous passerby, offering a ride to witness a beautiful feat of the galaxy. A moment so sacred and special, the generous man fades into nothing, leaving the two baffled at who they had just shared such a remarkable experience with.

Directed by frequent collaborator, Robert “Roboshobo” Schober (Metallica, The Killers, The Arcs), the video is beautifully eerie; an ode to the realities life affords of sharing beautiful moments with complete strangers, only to never see them again.

Hermanos Gutiérrez © Jim Herrington
Hermanos Gutiérrez © Jim Herrington

“Until We Meet Again” previews a new project that taps into traditional South American Cumbia influences with an extraterrestrial psychedelic twist; a further definition to an already staple sound pioneered by the duo. The music transports you into the vast unknown, atmospherically convoluted – the only guiding principles being the weary cries of guitar and lap-steel, intertwining in discourse.

Hermanos Gutiérrez are shaping a style of instrumentally-forward guitar music that feels cosmically western, a spirit that freely sways between cacti and the galaxy, unsure of its destination or purpose, but compelled to share the bits of desire, freedom and understanding experienced along the long and dusty road.

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“Until We Meet Again” – Hermanos Gutiérrez

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Sonido Cósmico - Hermanos Gutiérrez

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