This Just In: “When I’m All Alone” Celebrates PHANGS in the Glory of Solitude

On “When I’m All Alone,” PHANGS champions the wallflower, the weirdo; it is a shameless proclamation for unapologetic authenticity.
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Atwood Magazine favorite PHANGS has long been a harbinger of the modern pop era. His emotional and personal songwriting, coupled with infectious beats, epitomize the epoch of electro-pop that artists have emerged from in the last decade. His latest track, “When I’m All Alone,” released today, exemplifies this ideal, and all that PHANGS have strove to brand himself as since first coming onto the scene four years ago.

“When I’m All Alone” typifies the ‘PHANGS’ experience: pure pop goodness with a tinge of nostalgia, the type of song that will make you want to mindlessly move your feet and reflect on memories all at once. PHANGS knows how to elicit raw feeling from his music, and “When I’m All Alone” certainly is no exception. When you need music to feel like your friend, PHANGS is there for you.

When I'm All Alone - PHANGS
When I’m All Alone – PHANGS

The song celebrates being alone, relishing in the moments of solitude.

Waking upside down
And my bed is feeling empty,
Am I supposed to be sad?
‘Cause everybody says
They’re afraid of feelin’ lonely,
But is it really that bad?

It’s easy to fake feelings around others, putting on a mask that hides one’s true emotions. “When I’m All Alone” further explicates this, acknowledging the ability to compartmentalize when not alone.

I won’t face the pain
In my broken brain
If somebody else is around

PHANGS © 2020
PHANGS © 2020

While being alone may seem dissatisfying, PHANGS challenges that notion by lauding the things that one my take for granted with being alone. Celebrating solitude, PHANGS uses “When I’m All Alone” to showcase a much-needed respite, as the chorus explodes into PHANGS exclaiming:

When I’m all alone,
I can dance with my shadows every night
I got my phone, my stereo, I’m right at home
When I’m all alone,
I can move to the echoes in my mind
I turn it up, don’t give a fuck, I’m right at home,
When I’m all alone

There is nothing wrong with preferring solitude to a crowd. Crowds can be emotionally taxing and mentally paralyzing. “When I’m All Alone” notes this, and reminds listeners that there is nothing wrong or invalid about their feelings.

When I’m in a crowd
A rush of blood, it hits me
And I can’t feel anymore
The pulsing in my brain
Makes me feel like I’m insane
And I’ll always hate L.A
Let me go

PHANGS fights for those who find comfort just by being with themselves.

He sings the anthem for the introverts whose respite is simply their own personal space. “When I’m All Alone” champions the wallflower, the weirdo; it is a shameless proclamation for unapologetic authenticity.

“When I’m All Alone” finds PHANGS expressing his own thoughts and feelings, which in turn allows for listeners to relate to the song in their own personal ways. PHANGS knows how to tap into the human experience and human connection with ostensible ease, utilizing his knack for nostalgia and modern pop sensibilities to curate a sound that feels simultaneously fresh yet familiar. “When I’m All Alone” promotes nostalgic sentiments, while still remaining wholly redolent.

PHANGS has always worn his heart on his sleeve, and “When I’m All Alone” is certainly no exception. “When I’m All Alone” navigates personal emotion with deft sensibility, utilizing its pop hooks to further its message. “When I’m All Alone” celebrates the glory of solitude, and PHANGS knows that it’s okay to enjoy things as they are — however they are.

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When I'm All Alone - PHANGS

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