Video Premiere: Dancing Above the Welkin in SEAWAVES’ Dulcet “Apollo”

Through their signature dreamy sound, SEAWAVES’ “Apollo” successfully captures memories of gazing into the stars throughout the night, wondering when we’ll be able to fully explore them.

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As the soft vocals of SEAWAVES’ “Apollo” waft around the listener, an ethereal dreamscape is crafted, conflating the feelings of success and discovery into a singular sentiment. “Apollo” is a journey of uncovering the most clandestine of answers, but also of the realization that “we” have had it figured out all along.

With me in the middle, of this interstellar
The faintest light, in our eyesight,
Set in stone

We’re sealed and protected
We’re calm and collected
The timer starts, it’s ticking down
So long home.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Apollo,” the second single off of SEAWAVES’ forthcoming second album – The Soundtrack. The indie-pop Manchester duo comprised of Si Van Brussel and Daniel Benjamin, SEAWAVES, explores the idea of dreams and portraying them through their euphonious sound and comely visuals. Their unique whimsical rhythms allow for one to dance to the beats or simply close their eyes and enter a surreal realm of their own creation.

Seawaves © Joshua Leo Dorfman
Seawaves © Joshua Leo Dorfman

With the endless possibilities that float above us all, “Apollo” shows that despite all that has been uncovered, there is still so much left out there with the surface having not even been scratched.

With me on the outside
Of this new aurora
Assembling, you’re trembling,
You’re not alone

Directed by Joshua Leo Dorfman, the music video for “Apollo” showcases the perspective of a singular person on Earth, gazing at the stars in total disbelief as he is trying to discern the current reality he is in and the wonderment of the galaxy beyond the clouds.  As our protagonist continues his journey, the viewer is right beside him accompanying him on his adventure of discovering the beauty that lies out of reach.

Within the dreamy synthesizers and uplifting pop beats lies a child star-struck by the very universe itself. Having been surrounded by the wonders of science since childhood, Brussels and Benjamin have taken that affinity for space and created a piece of music that not only reflects their own astonishment, but also that of our race as a whole. As one stares into the cosmos, one becomes a thrall in the most magnificent of ways to the unceasing questions that begin to pour out – what is beyond these stars, how much has been explored, and what is left for us to reveal?

I love our new dress sense,
As Houston commences
Apollo starts to rise and
cast light on all of what you know
And our remedy, is colouring
the time and space till we’re immune

Surrounded by whimsy, “Apollo” brings back those late star-gazing nights where the impossible was nothing more than a small hurdle to overcome, where limitless was more than a word, but a belief. The effusive praise of their dreamy soundscapes is in full display with the latest track and is only heightened through Dorfman’s directing. The duo’s golden rule is to never release anything unless it’s genuine, and they have succeeded. The dreams of space and the travels one could go on in the galaxy are almost universally shared, and SEAWAVES encapsulates that feeling gorgeously.

View the music video for “Apollo” exclusively on Atwood Magazine. The Soundtrack is out Spring 2018 via Luna Music Group and North Star Media.

Watch: “Apollo” – SEAWAVES

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