Premiere: Alec Shaw Astonishes on Soul-Filled Single “Alone In My Bed”

Alec Shaw’s “Alone In My Bed” transitions into multiple soundscapes, all of which are wrapped together with a vocoder inspired sound that exudes style, heartache, and beauty.
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The music industry: a marvelous hellscape of unimaginable sincerity and dread. To be part of the hustle and bustle of it means the world for many artists, while also costing them just that. Relationships are put on hold, friendships stretched thin, and artists are pushed to the extreme. But despite it all, it’s an area where unfettered joy is located, a place that can encompass all that is beautiful in the world. For Alec Shaw, his journey into music isn’t too different, and he explores it with elegance and soul on his latest single, “Alone In My Bed.”

Alone In My Bed – Alec Shaw

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Alone In My Bed,” (out tomorrow, 06/07/2019) the latest track from Seattle-based artist Alec Shaw today! Music was more than just a spur of the moment decision for Shaw, as he already has been well versed in the joy it can conjure since 4th grade when he started to play piano and guitar. Now, at 21, facing the struggles and pleasantries of the industry, Shaw navigates this world as an up-and-coming artist and resonates powerfully because of it.

Alone in my bed
I can’t sleep at all
Alone with my promises
I’m in deep

The track begins with Shaw crooning with a vocoder wrapping itself around his voice, adding a weightlessness to it that evokes feelings of internal pain but hope as well. The soulful melodies from Shaw are still very much present, making this vocal technique work in his favor. Shaw continues to intone his thoughts with a delicate, dazzling inflection as he continues on with his feelings of loneliness. It’s only Shaw and the listener, creating an intimate space that one would seldom want to leave. As the track progresses, synths begin to find their way into the tune, adding dynamic layers to an already mesmerizing song.

Well the world and the stars are very bright,
but I’m jaded by the night
And I hear them say
Now you’re on your own

“‘Alone In My Bed’ was one of those songs that just comes out of your subconscious all at once, and you really don’t know why until it’s out,” Shaw explains to Atwood. “I turned 21 in September. I’m at an age where people stop giving me any attention just because I have a talent and I’m young. It broke me down a little bit this year after I really started working inside the music industry and struggling to get traction, feeling like I was moving backwards and becoming a more independent adult at the same time. Having to be independent as an artist even if you don’t want to be is a hard pill to swallow. I felt like I sacrificed relationships and joy for my dreams in music.”

I felt like I sacrificed relationships and joy for my dreams in music.

Shaw continues, stating that “trading those things for being more alone in the end, with a dream, but seemingly nothing to show for it. Writing songs like this are therapeutic for me, help me get through those hard times and realize what I’m feeling. It represents those times when our perspective is tainted.” The therapeutic nature of writing for Shaw is shared while listening to it. As the synths, piano percussion, and guitar begin to incorporate themselves into the track, a new soundscape is created, one that seduces listeners with its intoxicating harmony.

Well the moon and the starts are very bright,
but I’m jaded by the night
Now you’re on your own
Now you’re on your own now

As the track reaches its finale, a crescendo of instrumentation rushes over the listener, creating a powerful movement that easily takes one’s breath away. Shaw then chants his final words, “now you’re on your own, now you’re on your own,” only to then leap into impressive octave shifts. With his story finished, Shaw closes out with dignified grace, wafting listeners back down from the soaring measures he had conjured up.

What could have easily been an anthem of complaints was morphed into one of struggle and resilience, making “Alone In My Bed” one of the finest tracks of 2019. Alec Shaw has a penchant for soulful bellows and intonements that effortlessly send shivers down the spines of those fortunate enough to listen. Fans can expect more from Shaw with his newest record, Thinking Place, releasing later this year.

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