The Brillboard: Communication, 02/06/2019

Brillboard 2019-02-06
Brillboard 2019-02-06

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This week’s Brillboard focuses on communication.

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This week’s Brillboard is about communication. The four tracks below all deal with human connection and the lines of communication we share. Give ’em a listen and check the playlist for more songs from past weeks on The Brillboard.

Touch” – Ghostly Kisses

Ghostly Kisses’ “Touch” is a siren song. Canadian Margaux Sauvé’s vocals are dreamy, with an alluring smoothness to them. Her words feel like ghostly kisses; they are strong enough to capture your attention yet light enough to leave you wanting to feel their touch. It’s entrancing. The whole song is entrancing, even producer Louis-Étienne Santais’ instrumental techniques. When “Touch” starts, there’s just violin. But slowly, unbeknownst to you, more instruments appear. Tambourine, keys, synth. If you skipped straight to the end, you’d surprise yourself with how much got added under the radar, while you were busy being captivated by Ghostly Kisses’ longing for touch and communication.

Off Limits” – BAYNK, GLADES

A creation from the land down under, “Off Limits” is the catchy collaboration between New Zealander BAYNK and Australia’s GLADES. GLADES member Karina Wykes provides the vocals, starting the song off with her always-impressive voice, delivered over a flutter of keys. BAYNK brings the beats, adding in a layer of horns and percussion to usher in a climactic chorus. This song is all about honest communication and taking chances. Like Wykes beautifully sings, you “just got to go with it, cause nothing’s off limits.”

Telephone” – CASTLEBEAT, Sonia Gadhia

“Telephone,” CASTLEBEAT’s latest lo-fi pop track, is breezy and beautiful. The lyrics are carefree – “ask me ’bout my favorite song / how do you do?” – and they should be. They perfectly capture the innocence of what it’s like when you’re talking to a new loved one over the phone. “Telephone” is young love incarnate. It’s light, cute, casual. It also gives me some serious Geowulf vibes. Vocalist and girlfriend Sonia Gadhia might not be Geowulf’s Star (she sounds a lot like her), but she’s a star all the same.

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