Premiere: Bone Slim, Ric Wilson Channel Late Nights & UK Garage in Hypnotic “Let Me Ride” ft. Lcytn

Ric Wilson and Bone Slim
Ric Wilson and Bone Slim
Energizing and hypnotizing, Bone Slim’s “Let Me Ride” ft. Chicago’s Ric Wilson & London’s Lcytn delivers an especially funky UK garage song dwelling in the depths of late nights and good times.
“Let Me Ride” – Bone Slim ft. Ric Wilson & Lcytn

A fast and fleeting indulgence, Bone Slim’s latest creation is here and gone in under three minutes flat – yet what it delivers in that time leaves us energized, hypnotized, and hungry for more. Immersive and mesmerizing, the radiant “Let Me Ride” featuring Chicago’s Ric Wilson & London’s Lcytn delivers an especially funky UK garage song dwelling in the depths of late nights and good times.

Let Me Ride - Bone Slim & Ric Wilson
Let Me Ride – Bone Slim ft. Ric Wilson & Lcytn
And we’re still on a late one
Bass line blowing
Blazed out my face
Go take mine knowing
Race to the place I blaze
Nights knowing
Making the rave
Go late night growing
the stage I create
I go ride on by
With my mates from the place
That’s the bends, that’s the Thames
That’s the frame of the space
That’s your pack getting lapped
That’s the track that’s the race
Maybe we could ride to this
One time with you
Super lightning quick
Baby we could ride and shit
Talk and vibe to this
Get high and mix, switch
– Bone Slim’s verse, “Let Me Ride

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Let Me Ride,” Bone Slim’s latest release of the year featuring Atwood Magazine artist-to-watch (and self-described “electrified motivational funka hop pop poet”) Ric Wilson and fellow UK artist Lcytn (the moniker for Lucy Tun). Following his EP Tokyo Drift with Dutta and July’s single release “Dancing on My Own,” “Let Me Ride” finds Bone Slim in a welcome moment of collaboration, relaxation, and ease. A quick breakbeat and a simple, funky synth line lay the groundwork for Slim and Wilson to deliver their respective fluid rap verses – each paying homage to those never-ending, burning-the-midnight-oil kind of nights. Lcytn’s interspersed vocals add extra color and dimension to the enchanting landscape, her stunning singing voice shining against the song’s otherwise sparse backdrop.

Bone Slim © Ethan Weatherby
Bone Slim © Ethan Weatherby

As Bone Slim explains, this song came together in a quite spur-of-the-moment fashion. “I was in the studio with Lucy and Murrell, and Ric was heading down – he had just got to England a few days before,” he recalls. “I was keen on making garage, and I asked Ric if he’d ever done a UK garage track before, and to nobody’s surprise he hadn’t! Murrell whipped it up quick and Ric had a hook instantly! Whenever Lucy is in the room you get this energy of a type of sonic silk that she graces a beat with, and to be honest I just filled and bridged the gap.”

“We made the original demo in about 45 mins because that’s when the session was ending, and I’m so glad we used every minute. It was funny I only really got to know Ric after that and similar to Lucy, we had only worked a couple of times and never got to party together until we went to Lucy’s one night and played the demo – instant banger!”

Ric Wilson’s verse complements Bone Slim’s intro verse and his own hook; riding seamlessly across the groove, Wilson teases a short Cliff-notes like autobiography of who he is, asserting his Chicago roots, funk-fueled sound, and dedication to truth and sincerity. And while he’s here and gone in a flash, the lack of more stanzas doesn’t take away from the charm he’s laid down this time around; it’s just a tease, a taste that we can always find more of in his past catalog and in songs to come.

I need bass, I need drums
South of town, where I’m from
truth and jukes in my gun
fallacies should just run
Chi town to London the funk in me
move quick, talk slow, like it’s none to see
can’t understand even you under me
but you don’t feel like they 100 feet….away
– Ric Wilson’s verse, “Let Me Ride

“Let Me Ride” is the latest release off Bone Slim’s forthcoming seven-track project Danse Macabre, which he lovingly describes as “a serenade to the nightlife I live in.”

“Imagine the pied piper leading a bunch of degenerate youth to an even better party,” he says. “The project to me means the underside to my brain, an opposite to what is perceived already by the public, the dance with the mask, a story of the night and early morning.The sound we aimed for was that of late ’90s and early 2000s London, but with a contemporary spin.”

Bone Slim’s fast-rising trajectory coincides with a fast-driving beat on “Let Me Ride,” keeping his audience hyped in the moment and excited for all that’s to come. Stream the artist’s latest exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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“Let Me Ride” – Bone Slim ft. Ric Wilson & Lcytn

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Let Me Ride - Bone Slim & Ric Wilson

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Bone Slim © Ethan Weatherby
Ric Wilson © Michael Salisbury

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