Interview: Flip a Coin for Love with BIZZY’s Two-Pack Single “Out Loud” & “I’d Never Tell You”

BIZZY © Maxwell Goldberg
BIZZY © Maxwell Goldberg
BIZZY’s latest singles are full of storytelling and honest feelings— whether it be for heartbreak, love, or the moments in between.
“Out Loud” / “I’d Never Tell You” – BIZZY

The biggest thing for me is just being honest. I didn’t start with the goal of being everybody’s friend. I’m not writing as if someone’s going to listen to and that’s helped me in being as vulnerable as possible. That’s where I get my best songs and I think people relate to those more.

A good friend of mine once said that, “The best heartbreak songs are written when you’re in love, and the best love songs are written when you’re heartbroken.” Maybe it’s because an extreme can cause a moment or feeling to meet its opposite. 

Falling in love is intangible, a layered symphony that can be hard to understand. Heartbreak is poignant and sharp, one loud note amid silence. In the end, it really depends on the situation and the person experiencing it.

For Elizabeth Chiaramonte, known as BIZZY, these experiences of love and heartbreak showed up in the form of two new songs. The Nashville-based artist’s latest releases “Out Loud” and “I’d Never Tell You” present the perfect antithesis.

Out Loud / I'd Never Tell You - BIZZY
Out Loud / I’d Never Tell You – BIZZY

Before BIZZY began writing songs and performing, she actually was a competitive swimmer. The sport itself was challenging and consumed most of her time. Her hopes for Olympic aspirations quickly faded after an injury that led her back to music. 

“It happened so naturally,” she recalls. “I switched from swimming to singing in such a seamless way. It all fell into place and there was a moment where I remember being like ‘This is what I want to do.’”

This turning point that kickstarted her music career actually took place at an Ed Sheeran concert. BIZZY explains that she was standing in the crowd when he said, “OK guys it’s going to be a quiet song.”

“The whole stadium went dead silent. It was so magical. Thousands of people were affected in such different ways, and it was one person giving them that one song.”

She went home after that and decided she wanted to be a singer. BIZZY explains that her mom was like, “What are you talking about? You literally can’t get up on stage.” The next day she looked up music schools and Belmont University popped up; soon she found herself in Nashville.

During her time at school, BIZZY had originally begun as a co-writer for others. It was not until COVID that she started an artist project with other writer friends. Then in her senior year of college, she began writing for herself. 

“It was so uncomfortable in the beginning, but I got used to it. A year later I wrote “Anybody,” and that was the first song where I thought, ‘I have to put this out – this song feels like me.’”

From having stage fright and doing music as just a hobby, BIZZY has gone on to perform multiple live shows and has amassed over 12 million streams with her songs. She enjoyed breakout success with her debut single “Anybody” (independently released in May 2022) after promoting it on TikTok.

“I just kept posting and people kept liking it, so that’s how it took off and I got my start, which is awesome.”

BIZZY only began releasing music last year and has gained rapid success since. In an interview with Atwood Magazine, she delves into the backstory of her recent dual singles.

BIZZY © Maxwell Goldberg
BIZZY © Maxwell Goldberg

Should we start with the good news or the bad news first? Well…it really depends on the mood. “Out Loud” is a song for shouting your love from the rooftops and telling someone how you really feel. “I’d Never Tell You” is more of a detached hurt, a question of communication. BIZZY wisely navigates songwriting both an expressive love and an isolated heartbreak. Either way, she writes in a way that can connect to anyone regardless of past or present experiences.

BIZZY cleverly writes and shares her story through music. “I’d Never Tell You” was written with Suzie Buist and Alexander Frieden, who sat down with BIZZY on a particularly chaotic day. The story included a guy turning her down by starting with “hey dude,” and then her proceeding to spill food all over a table she was serving at work. Regardless of the hot mess moment and rapid heartbreak, it turned out to be the perfect basis for a song.

“I walked in that night with Susie and Alexander, and they were great. They are just fun and quirky people so they’re down to write whatever. It was a whirlwind of an hour and then it was done.”

The song itself has a fun intro with crisp vocals:

“No, it wasn’t easy
Watching you leave me
Acting so unaffected
while I’m such a wreck
and I just want you back
But I’d never tell you”

It’s easy to play the “cool girl” as BIZZY would say and act like everything is fine while a whole storm is brewing inside of you. The piece includes other lyrics stating, “If I’m being honest I’ve got a lot of healing to do” and “Trying not to fill all the spaces you’ve let”. She plays on both the unbothered presentation with the reality of being hurt. Though “I’d Never Tell You” is based on heartbreak, the song has a fun intro and soft vocals that lead into a catchy chorus.

“Heartbreak songs are easier for me to write,” she admits, “which I wish I didn’t say, and I wish that wasn’t true. I can pinpoint it in my body and tap into that part that songs will just fall out of because it’s there already.”

For “Out Loud,” the songwriting process looked a lot different. The song itself is super energetic and angsty, with bold guitar elements that match the bold vocals:

“Didn’t know it til’ I said it just now
Like I’m on a tilt-a-whirl hangin’ upside down
Fuck I just figured it out
I think I love you”

The lyrics are fun and straightforward, letting the listeners fall into this realization of love as she sings.

“Love songs are more rewarding for me to write; I love to sing them because when you play it, you’re just remembering the love. You’re not remembering the heartbreak.”

The song revolves around a love story that started in the fourth grade. As you can imagine, years of history took a lengthy process of trying to break down the layers into one song. She paints a funny picture of how they knew each other throughout their formative years. “He was so short in high school for homecoming and asked me if I would be able to wear flats. I look back at the pictures and it is gold.”

Their on-and-off relationship followed on throughout college until they realized they were both single and could try to make it work explaining that they had one of those “rom-com” reunions.

One day she was standing in the kitchen with her friend. One of them was eating dinner and the other was knitting. “We’re like 800 years old or something” she laughed. BIZZY goes on to say that she randomly blurted “I think I’m in love with him” and they both audibly gasped. 

“I didn’t realize that until I said it out loud. At that moment I thought ‘This is going to be a song’ and I immediately wrote it down in my notes.”

BIZZY explains that this began one of the longest writing processes she’s ever done: The song had so many emotions attached to it. That day, she brainstormed ideas with Dave Villa and Maddy Simmen.

“They’re amazing and so talented. They’ve become such sweet friends of mine. Their energy in the room is inspiring because they know each other so well.”

They all sat on the porch and were trying to figure out what the focus of the song should be, and it all came down to her experience in the kitchen. The song portrays this moment in a way that lets listeners experience and relate to this feeling.

Both singles do a lovely job of recreating that moment of heartbreak or love. They balance each other out in sound, honesty, and lyricism. BIZZY has a talent for leaving her heart on paper and reflecting that all through music.

Luckily, listeners can experience this firsthand on her tour with FRENSHIP.

BIZZY © Maxwell Goldberg
BIZZY © Maxwell Goldberg

“It’s been a dream of mine to go on tour. Seeing people sing along and dance and just feeling that energy… There’s nothing like it.”

For BIZZY, performing live has been a huge testament to her growth as a person and musician. Her first performance was a sold-out basement concert. The crowd sang her lyrics back to her for the first time and she was so shocked she had to stop.

“These lyrics came from going through a horrible moment or a great moment and people are connecting to it. It just felt like a room of all my best friends, and we were all going through it together.”

BIZZY reflects with deep gratitude for the connection that she gets to build with the audience and how much it means to her. That was the kickstart for her shift in mindset to continue pursuing music and performing. 

“I had this total mindset shift where I connected to what I wanted to do rather than focusing on what I thought the audience wanted me to.”

Smiling big, BIZZY was clearly excited about the release of her two new singles and upcoming shows in October. “Out Loud” and “I’d Never Tell You” are the perfect combination for any listener—a choice between heartbreak and love. BIZZY reminds us that we all have the gift of music—a reminder that we are not alone. That is the moment of hearing a song, and each listener can connect. 

Stream “Out Loud” and “I’d Never Tell You” on all platforms and support BIZZY’s music.

Here’s to happy listening!

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Out Loud / I'd Never Tell You - BIZZY

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