Premiere: Casey Dubie’s Moving “Confetti” Cherishes Fleeting Love

Casey Dubie © 2018
Casey Dubie © 2018
Catchy and colorful, Casey Dubie’s mellow pop song “Confetti” is a vibrant and moving expression of lingering affection in the wake of breakup.
for fans of HAIM, Phoebe Bridgers, Vampire Weekend

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Confetti is such a funny concept, isn’t it? We toss tiny pieces of colored paper into the air, creating a dazzling, fleeting moment filled with color and excitement. As soon as we’re caught up in the feeling, it’s gone – and all the paper bits are on the floor, waiting for someone to clean them up.

Confetti may not be the most practical way of celebrating or expressing jubilation, but it’s certainly a powerful metaphor: Catchy and colorful, Casey Dubie’s mellow pop song “Confetti” is a vibrant and moving expression of lingering affection in the wake of breakup.

Do you ever think of me like you used to?
‘Cause baby if I’m being honest I think of you
Your blue eyes were so patient, held me in conversations
Kept me looking twice, kept me hypnotized
Listen: “Confetti” – Casey Dubie
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Confetti,” the lead single off Casey Dubie’s upcoming debut album, Into the Moon. A poetic and evocative American singer/songwriter born and raised outside Burlington, Vermont, 26-year-old Casey Dubie attacks her music with melodic passion and lyrical honesty. Her narrative includes stops in Chicago for college, Northern California for a time post-graduation, Houston (her current home), and Nashville – where she connected with producer Micah Tawlks, who helped make her forthcoming record a reality.

When I say that Into the Moon is full of life, I mean it to be full of a proper spectrum of emotion. Uplifting, buoyant melodies intermingle with dark, sobering reflections. Joy and sadness sit side by side one another as Dubie weaves them together in tales of growing pains and truths learned along the way.

Confetti - Casey Dubie
Confetti – Casey Dubie
These memories are my confetti
Throw them up in the air
in a polychrome cloud

Piece by piece each with a history
Hovering for a moment
till they all come falling
down down down,
down down down

“This song is about a relationship that ended poorly,” Casey Dubie tells Atwood Magazine. “It’s about reliving moments of the relationship in your mind and attempting to resurrect them in a way. However, their life only lasts from the moment you throw them up in the air until the moment they hit the ground. Confetti is this chaotic party image, which is ironic because revisiting such memories is not usually a celebration. In one of the earlier versions of the song I had worked ‘pity party’ into the lyrics, but ended up scrapping it because it felt a little kitschy. Overall I think the biggest accomplishment of the song is that it’s sonically a mellow pop song, but thematically revolves around this sad, ironic confetti image.”

Synth taps lay a bustling framework from which Dubie sings aloud to her former partner. “Remember sliding closer, I lost my composure,” she expels, wrapped up in one memory. “You called it a crisis, I’m just full of surprises.” These are the little things – those tiny moments where love is in the air. Despite the relationship’s end, Dubie looks back on these sweet experiences with knowing warmth.

The artist’s chorus is as emotive as it is savvy: “These memories are my confetti, throw them up in the air in a polychrome cloud, piece by piece each with a history, hovering for a moment till they all come falling down…” Such strong feelings dissipate slowly and over time, but they’re fresh right now; the wound has not yet scarred over. Dubie manages to collect a few fragments of meaning and connection in “Confetti,” thereby enshrining a love that didn’t last.

Now I’m covered in layers of cut-up colored paper
Oh I’m buried under the mess that you made
The party’s over, I wish you could stay

A kindred spirit to emotionally intelligent rock/pop music makers like Phoebe Bridgers and HAIM, Casey Dubie injects purpose and depth into her songs. Every moment counts, and with her upcoming debut Into the Moon, every moment is worth listening to – time and time again. “Confetti” is the beginning of a new chapter for a special artist worth paying extra-close attention to in the months and years to come. Stream Casey Dubie’s “Confetti,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Confetti - Casey Dubie

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