Today’s Song: CL and Her Heartbreaking Tribute, “Wish You Were Here”

Wish You Were Here - CL
Wish You Were Here - CL
CL is back with a moving masterpiece and a powerful message on her heartfelt “Wish You Were Here”: Always show your love to the ones you care about.
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Whether you listen to K-Pop or not, CL (born Lee Chaerin) has always been seen as a lioness, an undisputed queen of pop (and certainly not just Korean pop). We’ve seen her as the fierce leader of 2NE1 and then dedicated herself to her solo career, breaking one record after another. We’ve defended her to the hilt when someone criticised her for her sudden weight gain, or against those who no longer believed in her and her voice. This time, we unite around her as we listen to her latest heartbreaking track “Wish You Were Here,” dedicated to her mother who passed away a short time ago.

Wish You Were Here - CL
Wish You Were Here – CL

CL’s determination was clear from the very beginning, when she made her debut as an 18-year-old in what would become one of the most iconic groups of the last decade: 2NE1. From the start, Lee Chaerin demonstrated her singing and rapping skills, as well as a stage presence that made her the queen of the scene. Song after song, the world declared its love for her talent, elevating her to muse and model. Long story short, we’ve more or less always been used to seeing CL on the battlefield, as a leader who bends over backwards to further her career. 

What does your life look like
Without me there?
Without me there?
Do I still cross your mind
Without me there?
Without me there?
Is heavеn all we thought it’d be?
Can you still hear my voicе now?
Are you watching down on me?
When all I see is stars
What does your life look like
Without me there?
Wish you were here

The first really big heartbreaking moment we experienced with her was with “Goodbye,” a track recorded to say goodbye to the fan on the eve of 2NE1’s historic break-up. She’s no longer the baddest female we knew so much up to that moment, on the contrary: she shows her sincere sorrow for what’s happening to the group, remembering however with affection the years she spent together with her companions. And if CL fans from all over the world were already moved there, with “Wish You Were Here” they still have to finish shedding all their tears. 

“Wish You Were Here” was released on CL’s 30th birthday, just a month after her beloved mother passed away. It’s a song that musically deviates quite a bit from the artist’s usual style, and perhaps that makes it all more special. It describes an incredibly tender relationship, between shared playlists and phone calls, that goes beyond death itself. However, there is no shortage of those persistent questions that always haunt us when someone dear to us passes away; will they be watching us from up there? Will they still be proud of us? Do they miss us? All these questions, however, have only one answer: “Wish You Were Here”. 

Moving on in such a situation is not easy at all. Fortunately, however, music is an excellent way to exorcise the pain – even if it is often not enough.

Once again, CL leaves us with an extraordinary piece with an even more important message. Don’t give up on the ones you love, always try to show them your affection. Whether it’s with a phone call, a song or even a playlist with Stevie Wonder on it.

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Listen: “Wish You Were Here” – CL

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