Premiere: Feel the Summertime in Vox Eagle’s “Come Over”

Vox Eagle © 2017
Vox Eagle © 2017

Indie pop duo Vox Eagle are ready to sugarcoat your summer daydreams in synth-pop perfection. Atwood Magazine is proud to premiere “Come Over,” the band’s second release since their formation in 2015.

All these days round the sun getting reckless.
Head so high in the clouds cant come down such a view,
And dont it just feel like whats your name
Wont you come around.
Listen: “Come Over” – Vox Eagle
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“Come Over” is a beat-heavy, carefree pop track perfect for mood lifting. The song plays with a dramatic beat and hazy vocals. The upbeat aura embraces a sense of ease and takes worries away with a strangely nostalgic feeling. Though the song is up to date with production and pop technique, it plays almost as an upbeat Beatles song, tied together with modern-day influences in the likes of KONGOS or The Kooks. It’s an influential puzzle, easily noted yet hard to connect. Still, Vox Eagle continue to hold their own and create a sound worth listening to, though oddly familiar in the most individual way.

Come Over - Vox Eagle
Come Over – Vox Eagle

The duo of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel, cultured in both East and West coast life, has embraced a California, endless summer ease beside the harsh, edgy chaos of New York in “Come Over.” The song embraces an instrumental sense of immediacy, yet somehow feels cool, calm and collected from the first line to the last moment. It’s the ideal formula for a party track that holds an energetic mood, yet doesn’t overdo the beat. The combination is seamless and feels fit for nearly any joyous, or even reflective, setting.

Vox Eagle’s first release “No Sleep” holds a similar tune. It’s an incredibly upbeat, strategically produced pop track, easily relatable to “Come Over,” yet with its own vibe. It takes indie-pop to its brim, alongside indie-pop powerhouses like flor or Smallpools.

Up all night chasing diamonds so blind we run,
Ill be king you be queen ye we break all the rules
n Nothing left standing in our way
wont you come around
‘climb up the sycamores,
float down the streams.
She’s so invincible –
Tell you a secret now
see what we’re seeing’
Vox Eagle © 2017
Vox Eagle © 2017

“‘Come Over’ is the first song we worked on as Vox Eagle,” muses Vox Eagle’s Luke Hamel. “It was inspired by ‘Let Forever Be’ by the Chemical Brothers, but we took the vibe in a dirtier and more atmospheric direction. I like the kaleidoscope of sounds inside ‘Come Over’.”

With just two releases under their belt, the band is already pushing toward indie-pop recognition. They’ve proved their ability to produce a calm, yet intricate base and add a catchy chorus and take it a step further in adding their own flare. This flare has yet to be set in stone, as the band seems to have pulled influence from many different corners of the music world. This flexibility will give them the power to evolve as they choose, most-likely in the direction of pool-party jams and hazy, summer night slow tunes.

Vox Eagle’s debut EP Summer Now is set for release May 26th.

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Come Over - Vox Eagle

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