Today’s Song: “Craze” by Slopes

Daydream - Slopes

Aansh Kapadia (aka ‘Slopes’) has a very special brand of lo-fi indie music to share with the world. Daydream, Slopes’ debut EP, was released earlier this month and can be streamed on SoundCloud or downloaded via Bandcamp. I can’t lie about this: I’ve been listening to “Craze” all month, nonstop. It’s entrancing. The opening track off Daydream is a wonderland of lush, Strokes-influenced indie rock that ebbs and flows like a dream itself. The song’s truly winning element is its chorus, featuring an hypnotic vocal line as well as a resonant, harmonizing strings section to boost the song’s driving force – a warm, filtered rhythm guitar.

You don’t know why we’re crazy
Maybe, I’ve been here too long

“Craze” paints a beautiful landscape through the lense of a trippy haze. The lyrics are poetic and vivid, the subject matter resting on what seems like a drug-induced state (but that may just be a cover for something deeper). If you’re looking for light, fun and experimental music with a psychedelic twist, Slopes is your man. Check out “Craze” and the rest of Slopes’ Daydream EP:

Listen: “Craze” – Slopes


:: “Craze” – Slopes ::


Slip back, relax,
will you make me better?
Lately, hazy,
tripped up on their pleasures.
I’ve got all my doubts out on this paper, now.

She tells me it’s alright,
I guess I’ll take her word
Don’t know what I should say,
honey I know it’s much worse.

You don’t know why,
we’re crazy.
I’ve been here too long.

I think about what I want,
I want it all.

Dumb and numb,
we like acting clueless,
Held on real tight,
so you wouldn’t lose it.
I’ve got my mind set,
I’m focused now.

You don’t know why,
we’re crazy.
I’ve been here too long.

I think about what I want,
I want it all.


Daydream EP – Slopes

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