Charli XCX Embodies (House) Party Girl Vibes With “Club Classics”

Charli XCX © 2024
Charli XCX © 2024

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Charli XCX creates instant ‘Club Classics’ with her latest ‘Brat’ tracks, each designed for a sweaty night you won’t remember and can’t forget.
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Charli XCX is one of those artists who proves more exciting the deeper you dive in.

While “Speed Drive” scratched a particularly satisfying itch during Barbie’s office chase scene, songs like “Track 10,” “Party 4 u,” and “Vroom Vroom” situate the musician on the precipice of creative and exciting pop music.

And in this double single release, Charli XCX proves that through and through… she’s a Party Girl. “Club classics,” in particular, is a repetitive, beat-driven romp in the best way.

Club classics - Charli XCX
Club classics – Charli XCX

“’Club classics’ started in George’s kitchen,” Charli wrote on Instagram. “I was talking about missing hearing Sophie’s music as much as I used to at parties and ended up turning this thought into a song about only really wanting to hear my own music and my friends’ music at clubs (true).”

2022’s fifth album Crash definitely dabbled in a more palatable version of “hyper-pop,” a term detested by Charli XCX for its trivializing tendencies. However, these two new singles – “Club classics” and “B2b” released together on April 3rd – prove she is going all-in on her love for house and electronic music.

Objectively, that could be perceived as abrasive for casual listeners. With a smaller surprise run of concerts before her co-headlining tour with Troye Sivan, though, this musician doesn’t really care. And that’s part of her, albeit chaotic, persona.

A nod to other artists in the same universe, in “Club classics” Charli XCX sings, “I wanna dance to A. G,” referencing producer A.G. Cook.

“I wanna dance with George,” mentioning George Daniel, her fiancé / co-producer / drummer of The 1975.

“I wanna dance to SOPHIE,” she adds, who is the late avant-pop producer and visionary behind Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides.

“I wanna dance to HudMo” – the composer/DJ known for performing electronic Boiler Room sets.

In fact, Brooklyn’s Boiler Room was where Charli XCX kicked off her Brat promo, showcasing her love for house music and teasing her upcoming era for a select few Angels. The Boiler Room version of “Club classics” might be even more fun than the single version, but that’s neither here nor there.

Both “Club classics” and “B2B” are made to dance, sweat, and rage to. They’re steamy and hot and the perfect intro to the 2024 album. Now let’s party.

Brat, Charli XCX’s upcoming sixth studio album, is set to be released on 7 June 2024.

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