Today’s Song: Brooklyn’s Superbloom Release a Fast n’ Feverish Grunge Upheaval in “Falling Up”

Superbloom © Nia Garza
Superbloom © Nia Garza
Brooklyn grunge band Superbloom have returned with feverish new song “Falling Up,” an intense eruption of rip-roaring sound and heated emotion that hits hard and leaves a lasting mark.
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If you’re a bad person, good things can happen to you. If you’re a good person (whatever that means), bad shit might happen to you. I think that’s what Falling Up is about.

– Dave Hoon, Superbloom

Unapologetic and searing, Superbloom’s 2022 return is everything we could have hoped for and more.

The Brooklyn grunge band exploded into our lives with last June’s captivating debut album Pollen, and their invigorating onslaught continues today with an irresistible, high-octane outpouring of sonic fury. Feverish and impassioned, “Falling Up” is an intense eruption of rip-roaring grunge and heated emotion that hits hard and leaves a lasting mark.

Falling Up - Superbloom
Falling Up – Superbloom
D’où venez-vous?
I’m you smoking on a plane
Will takes no wishing
Who you kissing anyways?
Watch you falling up
Voodoo all your luck

The alternative charm of the ’90s is alive and well somewhere out in Brooklyn. Released May 13th (a Friday the 13th, no less), “Falling Up” is a dynamic and charged reintroduction to Superbloom, the four-piece of Dave Hoon, Matteo Dix, Tim Choate and Brian DiMeglio who, for two years now, have been churning out heavy grunge music like it’s 1992.

But this is no blast from the past.

“An enthralling ’90s revival comes to life with cinematic strength and wonder in Pollen, a radiant explosion of overdrive and intimate energies that lights a thrilling, unforgettable fire within,” Atwood Magazine wrote in last year’s feature on the band. “Superbloom have accomplished the praiseworthy feat of reviving rock’s heaviest genre, giving it an invigorating facelift and ensuring every moment of their LP is as exhilarating as it is utterly breathtaking.”



While their influences and inspirations can certainly be traced back to artists like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins (especially on their latest release), Superbloom’s music is its own refreshing, electric phenomenon. The band’s drumming is in a league of its own, and when you add to that their raging guitar work and vocalist Dave Hoon’s expressive voice, a singular and inimitable artistic identity begins to take shape.

Several bands have successfully mimicked the sounds and styles of decades past. Superbloom are trailblazers, pushing grunge and alternative music onward into the 2020s.

The band’s talents come to the fore on “Falling Up,” a catchy and thunderous release of tension and raw, reeling energy.

“This song was written and demoed in December 2020 while we were starting to mix Pollen,” guitarist Tim Choate tells Atwood Magazine. “It’s pretty raw and downhill. Short, fast and loud. We hope it really gets people moving live.”

After an undeniably explosive entrance, Hoon enters with a question, sung in French: “D’où venez-vous?” (Where are you from?) “I’m you smoking on a plane. Will takes no wishing, who you kissing anyways?” Cryptic and subtle, the lyrics leave evoke more inner feelings than they do a straight story, allowing “Falling Up” the space to become its own entity to all who listen:

Tu te veux?
I’m you swimming through a vein
Shit may hit different
If you’re sipping off the pain
When you come back down
Tell me it’s worth the wait
Superbloom © Nia Garza
Superbloom © Nia Garza

“If you’re a bad person, good things can happen to you,” Hoon says of the lyrics. “If you’re a good person (whatever that means), bad shit might happen to you. That’s what ‘Falling Up’ is about.”

One could say Superbloom are also in the process of “Falling Up,” or just straight steadily rising to the top:  The band is set to play the festival circuit this year, with confirmed dates at Welcome To Rockville, Aftershock, Louder Than Life, and The Fest. Made (at least in part) with their live show in mind, “Falling Up” promises to light up whatever stage the band plays, bringing with an inspiring level of energy and vigor.

Many bands try to make music like this, but few ultimately succeed. Superbloom are the needle in the haystack, soaring with a sound as intense as it is catchy. Get your full of “Falling Up” below.

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Stream: “Falling Up” – Superbloom

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Falling Up - Superbloom

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