Premiere: Dori Freeman Delivers a Bittersweet Classic in “Go On”

Dori Freeman
Dori Freeman
Dori Freeman’s poignant new single “Go On” wraps a well-worn theme of heartache and heartbreak in a fresh and hauntingly beautiful Americana/folk glow.
Stream: “Go On” – Dori Freeman
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Nearly fifty years ago, The Who lamented, “The Song Is Over.” The Killers recently asked, “Have All The Songs Been Written?” Songwriters are forever charged with the formidable task of reframing the familiar into novel packaging, and finding new ways to express old or well-known stories. From themes of love and loss, to nearly everything under sun, songs tend to intermingle something old with something new.

It is within this context of narrative musicality that we hail Dori Freeman as a truly great singer/songwriter: The 24-year-old’s poignant new single “Go On” wraps a well-worn theme of heartache and heartbreak in a hauntingly beautiful, fresh Americana/folk glow.

Every Single Star - Dori Freeman
Every Single Star – Dori Freeman
Go on and break it like I knew you would
Don’t try to fake it
like you just meant good

Just like that little heart inside your chest
You’ll always do whatever serves you best
And when he’s older
do you think he will be blind

To all the memories
and pictures in his mind

Of who was there to love
and care for him the most

And who was sometimes
there to flicker like a ghost

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Go On,” the latest single off Dori Freeman’s forthcoming sophomore album Every Single Star, out September 13, 2019 on her label Blue Hens Music. Following 2017’s Letters Never Read, the new record finds Freeman delivering songs of love and self-discovery through an incredibly vulnerable, expressive landscape. Blending country and blues sounds without striding heavily into any single sound, Freeman’s musicianship is a continuation of the great American songwriter tradition

“When we recorded ‘Go On’, it was fairly simple and acoustic when I first played it for the band, but we ended up approaching it as more of a full-band ballad,” Freeman tells Atwood Magazine. “It has a nice slow build with the drums and keys and the vocals on the chorus are some of the strongest on the record.”

Dori Freeman
Dori Freeman

Lamenting the pains of love in the verse, Freeman builds a nest in her chorus full of warm, vibrant harmonies and earnest, genuine sincerity:

Go on, go on
Get out of my hair
Go on, go on
You don’t even care
I don’t know what you came here for
I don’t know what you’re looking for
I don’t know you anymore

It’s been a long time since heartbreak hurt this much.

Out in just one day, Dori Freeman’s Every Single Star is a worthwhile and inspiring lesson in blending the old with the new, the familiar with the exciting. Freeman’s lyrical vulnerability and willingness to open herself up in song allows every experience to feel fresh, raw, and wholly immersive.

Stream: “Go On” – Dori Freeman
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Every Single Star - Dori Freeman

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