Exclusive Premiere: Daft Punk Meets Disco on Luxxury’s “Feel the Night”

Luxxury © Eli Green
Luxxury © Eli Green

Imagine yourself floating effortlessly through a smoke-filled, crowded disco club, the upbeat melodies and steady bass from the dj booth vibrating quickly through the room. The song evokes a sense of familiarity, beckoning you to the center of the dance floor as you lose yourself to the smooth rhythms pulsing through the speakers. Even once the song ends, you find yourself stumbling from the dimly lit dance floor, craving more from the silky falsetto vocals and seamless production.

LA based producers Luxxury are no stranger to making enveloping, seduction filled funk beats. Combining smooth sense with fast-paced disco tempos, Luxxury has steadily gained an impressive following over the past few years. Though they may be most known for his timeless edits and remixes of classics hits, from Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” to the Eagles’ “Hotel California”, their original tracks truly showcase the duos talent and undeniable ability to blend dreamy, vintage disco with modern, sensual synths.

Listen: “Feel the Night” – Luxxury
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Feel the Night - Luxxury
Feel the Night – Luxxury

Atwood Magazine is proud to premiere “Feel The Night,” Luxxury’s newest single and follow-up to their December 2016 How to Be Good EP. “Feel The Night” immediately unwraps like a sequel to Daft Punk’s acclaimed Random Access Memories. Opening with deliciously groovy guitar licks and a steady beat, Luxxury sets the tone for the nu disco track, eagerly anticipating the alluring vocals that soon follow.

I can’t take it anymore
Got to get up on the floor and move
Music makes me feel so high
It’s ecstasy and everything’s alright

Carefully dipped in pleasure and indulging vibes, the lyrics are the perfect complement to Luxxury’s infectious, beat driven production. The words themselves, however, prove most effective as a vessel for the uniquely enticing voice behind them. Hitting high notes with ease, the vocals are almost tranquilizing, sending us an an uninhibited, uninterrupted disco trance. Like an effortless fusion of Jamiroquai meets Justice, the lead vocals further propel the rich track into a funky, ethereal spell.

Music in the air
The love tonight
Dance like you don’t care
Til the morning light
Come on everybody (uh huh)
Feel the night
Luxxury © 2016
Luxxury © 2016

As we enter the spacey, steadily progressing instrumental break, we are reminded once again of Luxxury’s innate proficiency with sound dynamics and production. This time, the playful guitar licks take a backseat to the energy driven, electric baseline and dreamy synths. As the vocals reappear, we are introduced to yet another dynamic, enticing element presented by the track. Vocal synthesizers and light and airy drumbeats transform the song into an electronic dance ballad, while creating a duet between the robotic crooning’s and our lead vocals captivating falsettos. Though we are reminded of Daft Punk’s own knack for voice synthesizers, Luxxury creates even more dimension by combining the two vocal styles, highlighting both the electric and classic disco elements that make the track incredibly unique.

“Feel The Night” thrives in combining dance elements familiar to its listener with unconventional production styles that leave us yearning more. Steeped in heavenly, vintage disco vibes, Luxxury transforms electric, fast-paced production with richly unique vocals that add layers of dimension and intrigue to their work. “Feel The Night” is the perfect execution of what it means to blend delectably familiar and original sounds, inviting us listeners to immerse ourselves fully into the brilliantly funky beat.

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Feel the Night - Luxxury

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cover: Luxxury © Eli Green

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