Video Premiere: The Jawn Are Here for a “Good Time”

Everytime that we touch is an overdose.

Who doesn’t enjoy a great night out? Quintessentially Philadelphian group The Jawn (named, appropriately, after the City of Brotherly Love’s unique noun), know how to have a good time.  And their new video, “Good Time,” which Atwood Magazine is proudly premiering today, exemplifies that.

Watch: “Good Time” – The Jawn

Lead singer Pat Durkin elucidates a night well spent, opening the song by proclaiming that he’s “Doing shots to catch up to everyone that’s here” and that there’s “a band on stage [he’s] never heard of before, but the way that they’re playing has [them] begging for more.

You got me feeling alive off a good time
you got me out of my mind off a good time
you got me higher than high off a good time.

“Good Time” seeks excitement in the unknown, finding pleasure in life’s little moments — be them temporary or not. The song’s instrumental riffs are intensely high energy, packing a punch befitting of its lyricism. One can’t help but dance along, as The Jawn accurately characterize late nights, senseless joy, and a headfirst dive into uncertainty.

Good Time - The Jawn

Good Time – The Jawn

The Jawn’s impressive musical mastery is showcased at the fore of the song, as Durkin and co. glide over instrumental licks with ostensible ease. Wily guitar riffs overlay peppered drum beats, flowing effortlessly throughout the punchy three-and-a-half-minute track. Durkin, especially, shows off his vocal prowess as he sings a-mile-a-minute; one may need to catch their breath simply from listening. The Jawn offer their listeners pure rock & roll goodness, diving head first into their song’s eponymous meaning.

The video for “Good Time” was filmed at The Grape Room in Philadelphia’s Manayunk neighborhood, and the venue holds important significance to the band: every Wednesday night, they co-host what’s known as #openjawn with Philadelphia instrumental duo Trap Rabbit. The event is meant to be one part showcase, one part open mic, one part improvisational jam session — but, nonetheless, all parts fun. “Good Time,” in totality, typifies exactly what this behemoth is.

“This video is meant to be a celebration of them as much as it is of us,” Durkin says.

Watch the full video for “Good Time” now, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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