Premiere: Sydney Lauren Sheds the Past in Vulnerable “Haunt Me”

Sydney Lauren © 2017
Sydney Lauren © 2017
Sydney Lauren gets intimate and vulnerable in new song “Haunt Me” as she submits herself to someone else, shedding her ghosts in a bold dive into love.

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Italian philosopher George Santanaya famously wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” It has thus been our tendency, as individuals and as a society, to take one step back before moving two steps forward: To adhere to what we know, before charging into the unknown.

But sometimes, the past is a burden, and our experience is an anchor – not the kind that centers you, but rather the kind that weighs you down. On her bombastic new song “Haunt Me,” Sydney Lauren sheds the past and takes a risk, diving back into love despite being hurt before.

I never wanted to be anyone’s
I always wanted to be in control
Painted your picture before you set the tone
Never gave you a chance to show me more
Listen: “Haunt Me” – Sydney Lauren

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Haunt Me,” off Sydney Lauren’s debut EP Left In Motion (independently out August 4, 2017). The New York-based singer/songwriter cites inspiration from such great writers as James Taylor and Carole King, and just like the artists she looks up to, Lauren writes from experience. “Haunt Me” is a vivid outpouring of intimate thoughts and feelings that captures the point of no return, when we lower our defenses and allow ourselves to become vulnerable – opening the gates for pain and sorrow, but also joy and love.

Left In Motion - Sydney Lauren
Left In Motion – Sydney Lauren
I got my heart broken once before
Decided never to open the door
I swore I knew you before the start
But now I feel like I could’ve been wrong
You’re not the monster I expected you to be
I decided all my misery should be set free
Here’s your chance to prove me wrong and I’ll see
My past is not coming back to
Haunt me…

“We too often get in the habit of thinking that what happened yesterday will repeat itself tomorrow,” shares Sydney Lauren, reflecting on her new release. “Haunt Me” keeps it real: The artist sings from the heart, explaining how prior experience kept her from giving over her full self. She knew what happened before, and could not let it happen again.

Yet such behavior keeps us standing still – unmoving, caught in our own crossroads. “One should not be afraid of the monsters in their past when it comes to the future. Move beyond those demons for future success. “Haunt Me” reflects those beliefs many of us have, and can, overcome,” the artist explains.

Sydney Lauren © 2017
Sydney Lauren © 2017
I’ll leave the past in the past, start clean for the future
You’re far from a someone that I don’t know yet

The “Haunt Me” lyric video depicts Lauren moving through time, symbolically throwing out her history so she can make that fresh start she needs in order to advance. Try as we might, we cannot control everything in our lives – and success, in any of its many forms, requires us to put our trust in others and rely on them to support us when necessary.

We’re all haunted by something; baggage is a natural part of life. Yet we cannot dwell in things that prevent us from being our full, best selves. Leave the past in the past and step into a brighter tomorrow with Sydney Lauren’s “Haunt Me,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Left In Motion - Sydney Lauren

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