Interview: Wallows Approach “I Don’t Want to Talk” Music Video with a Fresh Perspective

Wallows © Anthony Pham
Wallows © Anthony Pham
Alt rock trio Wallows are giving audiences a taste of their forthcoming sophomore full length album with fresh new single “I Don’t Want to Talk.”
by guest writer Maria Serra
Stream: “I Don’t Want to Talk” – Wallows

Sure, you’ve been blasting “Are You Bored Yet?” featuring Clairo and “Remember When” ever since adored indie trio Wallows dropped their 2019 debut full-length Nothing Happens, but today, the band offer us an energizing glimpse into their upcoming album.

Los Angeles-based musicians Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston dropped their latest creation “I Don’t Want To Talk,” accompanied by a vibrant music video they’ve been teasing since August. They even gave a major teaser of the chorus in September on TikTok.

“For this video, we wanted to make something that wasn’t plot driven as a few of our most recent videos were super plot heavy,” Preston shares.

He goes on to share how director Jason Lester truly helped the band’s vision come to fruition and try something brand new for Wallows.

“We met Jason because of a guest part we had in a Rostam video he was directing and loved the film-vibe they captured,” he says. “We gave Jason and his DP Gus [Bendinelli] freedom to put together a series of eye-catching visuals to be shot on film.”

I Don’t Want to Talk - Wallows
I Don’t Want to Talk – Wallows

Each vignette captures pure unadulterated life. Minnette, Lemasters and Preston can be seen basking in the sun, soaking up rays on their color-coded towels, all the way to shattering mirrors graced with their own reflections.

“Maybe subconsciously the nature themes have something to do with a desire to be out of the house, but it’s mostly because everybody involved simply thought it looked sick,” Preston notes.

The dynamic filming and eclectic style that only Lester could craft make this one music video you’ll want to watch time and time again to catch each scene in a new light. Blink and you’ll miss an immaculate detail.

Beyond the fast-paced style, listeners even get to hear Lemasters’ budding vocals make an appearance on the track alongside Minnette. From the videography all the way to the combination of a throbbing indie-rock bassline with folksy, nostalgia-inducing harmonica tones – “I Don’t Want To Talk” will be the breath of fresh air you’ve craved in the genre for your fall playlists.

Wallows © Anthony Pham
Wallows © Anthony Pham

Beyond the visuals, Minnette explained the band’s interpretation of the rather melancholy lyrics.

“‘I Don’t Want to Talk’ is ultimately a song about insecurities,” he says. “Not only in yourself, but in this case, particularly in a relationship. It centers around the fear of being away from someone for too long and that ultimately [allows] the other person’s head to be turned by someone else, and instead of expressing those fears, completely shutting down and not wanting to talk about it at all.”

If I reflect, look back on that other place and time
When you left for a while and I kind of lost my mind (Hey)
Realized the older I get, I get more insecure
If I don’t have you by my side, then I can’t be sure
I’m not alright, but I don’t need comfort
I don’t want to talk
So could you tell me that it’s over, tell me that it’s over
Tell me that it’s over now?
Then I could shut this off

The trio are set to take over North America as they embark on their first leg of tour in 2022. In April, they will begin their journey on the West Coast in Seattle and continue on for three months throughout cities in the central and eastern U.S. as well as Canada. Check out a full list of dates and grab your tickets here.

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Maria Serra is a Cleveland-based music journalist and wannabe Twitter comedian. Send pitches to and get the occasional joke @MaSerra8 on Twitter.

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Stream: “I Don’t Want to Talk” – Wallows

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I Don’t Want to Talk - Wallows

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