This Just In: NoMBe’s Beautiful “Weirdo” Is a Heartfelt, Seductive Ballad

Weirdo - NoMBe
Taken from NoMBe’s upcoming sophomore album ‘CHROMATOPIA’, the beautiful ballad “Weirdo” is a seductive, honest, and heartfelt love song – a gripping outpouring of vulnerability full of affection and hope.
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The new single off NoMBe’s forthcoming sophomore album CHROMATOPIA is a beautiful and gripping outpouring of love and self-love wrapped in lush alternative and psych-rock garb. Driven by dulcet pianos and sweetly effected guitars, “Weirdo” is an honest and heartfelt love song full of vulnerability, affection, and hope. It’s also something a little new for Noah McBeth’s artistry: While his debut album certainly had a few slower moments over its 18-track run, never before has this artist given his listeners a pure and authentic ballad.

That is, until now.

Weirdo - NoMBe
Weirdo – NoMBe
Never been a sucker for commitment
Since high school high standards, high livin’
Turns out I never knew what I was missing
Cause God damn when I’m with you
it (it’s all) feels different
We go together like treble and bass
Like colors and spring
Cool kids and cocaine
You’re the only vaccine
To cure the mundane
I guess what I’m saying…

NoMBe’s lyrics have always been particularly smart, poetic, and noteworthy (this dates back to 2015’s early releases like “Miss Mirage” and “Kemosabe”), but words seem to play an especially important role in the artist’s newest material. CHROMATOPIA is an especially confessional collection from McBeth, with its moments of authentic connection (as in “Prototype” and “Paint California”), desire (“Heels”), and romantic devotion (“Weirdo”).

“Weirdo” is a truly genuine display of the artist’s soul in this respect; He opens up to his partner and to the world, giving his full self in the chorus:

I guess what I’m saying
Is that you’re a weirdo
But I wouldn’t have it any other way
You’re no superhero
Still you’re the one that’s always savin’ me
Only one in 7 billion makes me feel it
Can’t you see
That only a weirdo … a weirdo
Could love someone like me

“I can’t believe this song is finally coming out… In these strange times I hope it serves as a reminder that it’s ok to feel weird,” NoMBe shared upon the song’s release earlier this week. “It’s ok to be different, and you are loved for it. This song is really about embracing the quirks and uniqueness of who you love and ultimately, your own. Special thanks to Sofia Hoops and Chris DiStefano whom I wrote this song with on a rainy day in France. Much love!”

I know that you’re anything but simple
And I love the complexity within you
Momma told me I was meant for something special
And god damn I found it when I met you
We go together like sex and cheap thrills
Bad whiskey and pills
Cool kids in the hills
The way you carry yourself
You do it so well
I swear I won’t tell…
that you’re a weirdo
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
You’re no super hero
Still you’re the one that’s always Savin me
Only one in 7 billion makes me feel it
Can’t you see
That only a weirdo … a weirdo
Could love someone like me

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As in the past, NoMBe’s musical mastery matches his lyrical prowess. “Weirdo” retains his signature seductive sonic work, with swirling guitar licks and that pulsing piano bed delivering his achingly emotive message with hypnotizing grace.

Originally scheduled for April 3rd, CHROMATOPIA‘s release date has been pushed back until further notice. The upcoming record has been described as “a concept album by NoMBe built upon the spectrum of color and the spectrum of sexuality”; certainly these themes can already be felt in force within its four singles alone.

In the album’s place, NoMBe has provided us the sensitive and soulful “Weirdo,” a beautiful ballad that brings a spark of life and love in these uncertain times.

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Weirdo - NoMBe

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