Premiere: Naomi Greene Releases Her Shadow Self on “Laura”

Laura - Naomi Greene art

We are our own worst enemies and our own best friends: There are times we will act as anchors, dragging our bodies and minds toward the bottom of the ocean. Yet we also have the power to let go of the weights; to lift ourselves up, spread our wings and soar. Naomi Greene lets go of her burdens on her new single “Laura,” a mellow and poignant song that drifts slowly and steadily toward the surface.

I wake in a place that
I don’t recognise
The figures are blurred
I can’t see their eyes
The water waits
Listen: “Laura” – Naomi Greene

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Laura,” the latest single from Parisian singer/songwriter Naomi Greene. Currently based in Los Angeles, Greene asserts a calming serenity and confident warmth through lilting melodies and soft, subtle instrumentation. “Laura” expands from a whisper to fill the airwaves with hypnotic beauty, engaging an array of instrumentation whose delicate notes seep under the skin, kissing our bones.

It’s a ballad of darkness, and a ballad of light: A lone soul’s somber reckoning.

Laura - Naomi Greene art

Laura – Naomi Greene

But who is this man,
I see only a shell
Is it him I need beg
to get on the vessel of hours
Laura, laura, laura I call your name
Will I, will I, will I see you again

Electric guitars quietly pulse a hauntingly bittersweet tune as Naomi Greene dives into herself. “I wrote “Laura” after a vivid dream I had, set in an inferno-like underworld,” recalls Greene. “I see it as a fleeting moment, a strange conversations between different parts of myself, between billowing tension and moments of grace. Despite the longing, it’s a song about letting go of your shadow self in order to move forward with your life.”

The walls stretch their fingers
Come, come closer to the water
Where is the line
between us and the world?
Where is the line
between body and mind?
Laura, Laura, Laura I call your name
Will I, will I…
Naomi Greene © 2017

Naomi Greene © 2017

How do we positively and negatively impact our personal lives? Are we doing our best to be our own best advocates? “Laura” implores us to stop and re-examine the relationship between the body, mind, and soul, so that we may release our shadow selves and fly.

Take a minute this weekend to close your eyes and find your balance, courtesy of Naomi Greene.

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Laura - Naomi Greene

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