Video Premiere: ISADORA Strips Down the Pain on “Let It Burn”

One day you might know how it feels to love someone but still let them go

You were in love, once. You had it all; life was bliss. You couldn’t wait to go to sleep each night, because you were so excited for the wonders and surprise that tomorrow would bring. A permanent smile was etched on your face. Things were more than good; your path seemed set, and the world made sense. That was before everything changed… Time stood still as a blooming relationship paused, choked in mid-air. Now, you find yourself lost, struggling to comprehend your new reality.

ISADORA’s “Let It Burn” aches with the pain of loss as a door to the past closes for one last time.

Time can’t give back its hours
Dark fields can’t bleed white flowers
Your bed my debt to madness
Carry on your sadness
Your words are cold and broken
You say the door’s wide open
Watch: “Let It Burn” (acoustic) – ISADORA

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the acoustic session of ISADORA’s poignant, intimate single “Let It Burn.” Consisting of Isadora Kaufman (vocals, songwriting, composition), Dotan Moshanov (composition, Keyboards, music production), and Yaron Goren (drums, composition), Israeli electropop trio Isadora craft an overwhelmingly heartbreaking ballad with “Let It Burn.” We don’t need to know the full story, because it’s a tale that’s been told time and again. It’s the pain that manifests itself in different forms, always looking for new ways to escape our bodies and free our souls of its weight.

Let It Burn - ISADORA
Let It Burn – ISADORA
You love me but it’s never stronger
Then your mind
I ain’t waiting while you’re stalling
Me behind
Standing on my own
Choosing to be wrong
walk into the fire
So let it burn
So let it burn

“More than two years ago we were three strangers sitting in a rehearsal room in south Tel Aviv,” reflects ISADORA’s Isadora Kaufman. “The silence echoed in the room because we didn’t have much to talk about. So we each turn to our instruments, one to the microphone one to the piano and one to the drums, and from the first tune we found ourselves in a soulful conversation, the most intimate one we’ve ever had. Our bodies moved to the sound of the music, enchanted by the magic of this moment, that was the first step of ISADORA in the world. Today, more then two years later we are partners and close friends, we still and forever will come together again and again, we start with a microphone, piano and drums so we can feel that magic once again. This is the acoustic version of “Let It Burn.” We are excited to go back to the beginning and share it with you.”

I’ve heard you tell your story
Almost isn’t glory
You always let your worries
Fight you in war
Dreaming ain’t enough
Dreaming ain’t enough if you ain’t sure
So I am suffocating
Beneath your self hating
I ain’t gonna do that no more
ISADORA © 2017
ISADORA © 2017

And so it goes that Moshanov’s soft piano envelops our ears, growing into a roar as the band immortalize the unbearable suffering, channeling rage, melanchloly, lingering love, nostalgia and regret into a fiery, impassioned outburst of infathomable depth. “Let It Burn” is mesmerizing, the small piano licks and Goren’s sweet vibraphone hits adding extra layers of depth to an otherwise naked display of vulnerable, raw emotion. It is in this way that ISADORA invite us to indulge in their own catharsis; we can find paths to our own renewal, our own burning, as the trio strip themselves of their own misgivings, mistakes and misfortunes.

Time can’t give back its hours, but we move forward with our heads held high.

— — — —

Let It Burn - ISADORA

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