Today’s Song: Remembering Our Strongest Relationships with Lizzy Land’s “Call Me”

Lizzy Land © Ella Zoller
Lizzy Land © Ella Zoller
Lizzy Land creates a nostalgic, appreciative and supportive song to her dearest friends with “Call Me.”
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As we get older, it is not always easy to spend a lot of time with friends or loved ones due to conflicting schedules and different personal life events. However, there always seems to be a few incredibly strong relationships that, despite distance or time, never fade.

Los Angeles-based Portland native Lizzy Land addresses these relationships in her newest single, “Call Me.” Independently released April 18, “Call Me” is the second single from Land’s upcoming EP, intro music plays. 2019 is set to be a big year for Land, who has been prepping to step into the spotlight for some time now. The indie pop artist created her first band via Craigslist when she was 18; after working two waitressing jobs, she moved to Los Angeles, where she began her career doing collaborations with Mating Ritual, Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun, and Paul Oakenfold (to name a few). Since releasing her million-plus streaming debut “Sweet Melodies” in 2016, Land has taken great care in releasing singles that highlight her mastery of pop and musical maturity.

Call Me - Lizzy Land
Call Me – Lizzy Land
I heard you’re moving west
Closer to the shore
Miss your old apartment
The red paint on your door
Maybe I’m saying too much, but
I feel it changing us
Promise me were better off
Grown up now

“Call Me” invites listeners to reflect on relationships with friends, or significant others that may have ended too soon, or fell out of touch. According to Land, the song is a “tribute to a friend you hope will always call on you if they need you, no matter how far away life takes them.” Land wants her friends to know that she will always be there for them to celebrate their successes or offer support and advice if things are not going right.

The song starts with Land recalling a specific relationship in which her friend “moved west” and is feeling nostalgic about the memories they shared in that person’s apartment. Despite the move, Land sings that her friend can call her anytime. She asks, “Call me when you make it out there.”

Call me when you make it out there
I’ll be waiting
Feels so easy on your own
I’ve been wondering if we were
All that different
Or is it in the blood

Land explains, “Relationships are hard to maintain, and the older I get the more difficult is is to make time the same way I used to,” acknowledging a struggle we all know too well. “It’s rare when you can call on someone regardless of how long it’s been.” Land offers a personal sentiment to her lifelong friends in this soft pop song.

Throughout “Call Me,” Land also reminisces on specific sahred moments. She sings, “We were a stranger kind, both of us so bold,” recalling the wild things they would do together. This offers a familiar memory to so many listeners, as it is easy to think of a friend that does bold things with you no matter how strange they may be.

Land’s “Call Me” opens with a soft piano that carries the same melodic passion throughout the song, emphasizing the artist’s connection to friends and loved ones. Her soft vocals and beautiful high notes are perfectly combined throughout to emphasize the power in these relationships, but also the pain that may come with not hearing from a close friend in a while.

Lizzy Land’s debut EP intro music plays is out June 14, 2019; stream “Call Me” and the EP’s lead single “Messed Up” below!

Stream: “Call Me” – Lizzy Land

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