Today’s Song: Milky Chance Pen a ‘Paean to Joyful Solitude’ With “Naked and Alive”

Milky Chance "Naked and Alive" © Anthony Molina
Milky Chance "Naked and Alive" © Anthony Molina
Milky Chance are far from content to rest on laurels, which includes an impressive run of streaming stats, live shows and now “Naked and Alive,” an easily danceable earworm of a new single!
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Childhood friends Clemens Rehbein and Phillipp Dausch went from school pals in Germany to legit hit-makers, harnessing a funky dance and groove that reaches another level sonically in a crowded live setting (the words “fervent” and “joyous” come to mind).

Those two phrases also aptly describe the new single, which dropped at the end of last month, carrying on the band’s penchant for earworm hits.

Released May 30, “Naked And Alive” is an “ode to self-love and the celebration of spending time alone with oneself,” the band says. “We want to demonstrate that external validation is not necessary to feel alive. Take your clothes off, turn that music on loud and dance.”

Naked and Alive - Milky Chance
Naked and Alive – Milky Chance

Turning the volume up and dancing with abandon makes plain old sense to Milky Chance, who’ve stayed plenty busy in the years since 2014 breakout hit “Stolen Dance.”

That runaway smash success hit Spotify’s elusive “1 billion streams” club and remains in heavy rotation on Spotify playlists and alternative radio.

Across four albums, Milky Chance are also among the Top 500 most-streamed artists in the world.

Fittingly, “Stolen Dance” went to no. 1 on alternative charts, part of the duo’s run of  5 Top 20 Alternative Hits over the years.

Milky Chance "Naked and Alive" © Anthony Molina
Milky Chance “Naked and Alive” © Anthony Molina

And naturally, that track drew a smash reaction as part of the duo’s biggest North American tour ever last year, across 48 cities in the United States and Canada.

When the duo embarked on that tour last summer, Rehbein noted that “in order to really connect with an audience, particularly in a live setting, music needs a sense of physicality and movement.”

Suffice to say, that same sentiment holds true with its latest single, which also fits in nicely alongside tracks like last summer’s “Living In A Haze,” off the album of the same name.

Last year’s album also came out their own Muggelig Records, another fitting accomplishment across the past decade.

I been up a couple days I wonder why
I been living in a haze what a foolish life
Now I’m back out on the pavement, don’t know why
I should be dancing
I should be dancing the night away

Milky Chance "Naked and Alive" © Anthony Molina
Milky Chance “Naked and Alive” © Anthony Molina

With “Naked And Alive,” a sense of that same joyous abandon in the midst of solitude holds true, one that’s been called a “marvel of their distinct brand of genre-agnostic rock songwriting.”

Reggae and disco tones take center stage in groovy fashion in the band’s latest shape-shifter of a track, which also was front and center at the recent Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee on a hot, dusty weekend.

It’s clear that Milky Chance have plenty more to say when it comes to the human spirit, the ability to dance the night away and the ability to cross genres, time and space to do so.

Feeling alive is at the core of this new track, and that’s never a bad sentiment to have in one’s headphones.

My heart beats in stereo
I’m all over the place
I wanna go to Tokyo
I wanna resonate
So tell me how can I waste my time
Now that my eyes have gone red like wine?
Yeah, the Kool-Aid, it ain’t my style
Just let me go
Tonight, it’s just me, myself and I
Naked and alive (Yeah)
Ain’t nobody else invited
I hate to say but I like it, oh yeah, I like it
Now, it’s just me, myself and I
Dancin’ on a wire
What’s the point in trying to fight it
Whеn all I know is I like it?
Oh yeah, I like it a littlе bit

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Stream: “Naked and Alive” – Milky Chance

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Naked and Alive - Milky Chance

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