Track-by-Track: Miloe’s ‘Greenhouse’ EP Dwells in a Sweet Summer Bliss

Miloe © Emma Quale
Miloe © Emma Quale
Miloe’s sophomore EP ‘Greenhouse’ feels like a breath of fresh air off a sweet summer breeze – a buoyant and youthful kiss of warmth and sunshine we can take with us all year long.
Stream: “Winona” – Miloe

Miloe’s sophomore EP feels like a breath of fresh air off a sweet summer breeze: A buoyant and youthful record, Greenhouse is a kiss of warmth and sunshine we can take with us all year long.

Greenhouse EP - Miloe
Greenhouse EP – Miloe
I fell down
Tripping over mistakes I can’t see
You’ll find out
It catches up before you know it
All I know
It’s simply as it goes
It’s simply as we know
It’s simply as we go were we go
We go where we go
We go where we go
– “Winona,” Miloe

Independently released October 30, 2020, Greenhouse is a downtempo indulgence arriving just in time for the true changing of the seasons. Summer is officially gone from the Northern Hemisphere and autumn has fallen with cool temperatures and a slew of storms, but that’s not stopping Miloe from basking in the rays of summer. The 19 year-old Minneapolis by-way-of the Democratic Republic of the Congo artist, born Bobby Kabeya, aimed to capturing the hot season’s carefree attitude with his new music, and he’s done just that – injecting his music with hope and possibility, a relaxed but sincere attitude that looks joyfully at all the tomorrow may bring, while basking in the thrill of the moment today. Following 2019’s debut EP Miloe, Greenhouse finds Miloe building upon the subdued indie rock of his first record by incorporating new instruments while exploring space and sound.

Miloe © Cristal Kabeya
Miloe © Cristal Kabeya

“I think recording this EP pushed my songwriting and production abilities,” the artist reflects. “It encapsulates the energy we bring to live shows, while demonstrating my different influences and versatility. My vision was always to make an EP that felt like summer, but the lyrical themes of the songs didn’t become clear until after the recording process was over.”

With its five songs, Greenhouse makes for a short but immersive listen. Opener “Winona” is an entrancing display of shoegaze-y pop that sets a strong tone for the songs to come; meanwhile, tracks like “Change Your Mind” and “Marna” highlight the artist’s diverse musicality and his ability to fully envelop his audience in a feeling.

When it’s all
Comin’ apart
I know you’ll still be by my side
Easier days
I’ve had easier days
I know you’ll still be by my side
It’s all feeling too heavy
And you’re looking right through me
Can’t you see that I’m waiting
I’ve got to go my own way
You’ve been feeling your own pain
When you look can’t you see that
I’m falling too
– “Greenhouse,” Miloe

“I hope that listeners resonate with the sense of light heartedness in these songs and share it with their favorite people,” Miloe says of this new EP.

Now that fall has come and winter is on the horizon, Greenhouse is a speck of rejuvenating lowkey summer vibes we can count on to put a smile on our faces and a light a little fire in our hearts. Experience the full record via our below stream, and peek inside Miloe’s Greenhouse EP with Atwood Magazine as the artist goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of his debut EP!

Took me on
I didn’t even know her
Took me high
Now i just want the closure
No one’s lining up for me
We was getting closer
Do what’s right
I know you got my number
You can hurt we need to see each other
Cause no one’s calling after me
– “Change Your Mind,” Miloe

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Stream: ‘Greenhouse’ – Miloe

:: Inside Greenhouse EP ::

Greenhouse EP - Miloe

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Winona is a song about reflecting on past mistakes and seeing the best way to move forward. You can either be passive about where life’s taking you or you can take control and make things right. I often picture the ending of a cheesy romantic comedy and the second half of the song is the final scene where the main character runs after their love interest at the airport and catches up to them in the last possible moment.


Greenhouse is about how your environment can affect the different relationships you have. I touch on my relationship with friends, My relationship to myself and then my romantic relationship. Like Winona this song has strong influences from modern indie rock but blends that with a summery retro sound.

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind was an exercise in tapping into the mindset of someone who’s obsessive about love to an irrational level. Their interest for this other person is clearly unrequited, yet they still hold to a false sense of hope that they might change their mind and call them. I think we’ve all been that person at one point.


Marna is a pre-breakup song I took a lot of influence from Congolese rumba, especially folk artists like Lokua Kanza. Folk in general was kind of my lead into song writing in general so it’s nice to go back to my roots in a few ways on this one.

Everything (That Should Go)

Everything (That Should Go) was written on a night I was feeling really down. I was dealing with feeling really drained from the different pressures that i was feeling in my life at the time. I spent a lot of that year listening to noname and I was really inspired by the way her songwriting can kinda feel like journal entries. Writing this song was a very therapeutic experience for me and it’s heartwarming to see that other people have connected to it in a similar way.

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Greenhouse EP - Miloe

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