Premiere: Mo Lowda & the Humble Show That Memories Are Like Fragile “Pearls”

Philadelphian indie rock band Mo Lowda & the Humble treat our ears to an emotional piece about the distance from someone you used to love on “Pearls.”

Distance can be a painful feeling. Whether it is physical or emotional, it hurts. The pain sits right in your chest, reminding you of the unpleasant fact that the person you love is either physically or emotionally absent. This is a feeling that most of us are familiar with, when your stomach twists itself around in knots, signalising yourself that something in that relationship is not right. Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for the song “Pearls” by the band Mo Lowda & the Humble, whose single is dealing with those feelings.

Ready Coat – Mo Lowda & the Humble

The band itself originated out of the coincidence that three high school kids ended up in the same college in Philadelphia, PA, where others wanted them to play at their basement parties all the time. Now, after some time has passed, they are not kids anymore, they are successful musicians with two full-length albums on the market, an EP, and an average of more than a hundred live shows a year. They play nationally as well as internationally, including festivals like Firefly, Peach Fest, Mountain Jam, and many more. Their new single “Pearls” is a catchy rock anthem, which is also the opener of their third album, coming out in early 2020.

The video starts off with a blurry picture of blended blue and purple tones. After three seconds, the bass guitar starts playing and peals are floating around. The drums kick in and so do the vocals. Lyrically, the song opener indicates the concrete situation, throwing its listener right into it.

I Can See You Down The River
Standing On The Shoreline Dipping Your Toes
And I Know That You Love This Place

Describing a place that is familiar to the two lovers; a place that means something to them. So many memories rest there. The place that has the power to connect two people forever, even beyond the experience of committing to each other. This line is followed by the reveal of the truth.

But You Know That You Won’t Stay
Got A Ticket For A Plane Ride In The Morn’

The relationship between two people who used to be significant others starts to feel like significant strangers, and one of them is adding a physical distance on top of the already given emotional distance. You see your lover at a place that used to be uniquely yours. The place that tied you both together in the good as well in the bad times. But now, you are not lovers anymore. The train ride is the final step to rip apart what used to be one. The first verse is followed by an anthem-like chorus, waiting to be sung at the top of your lungs.

You Won’t Call Me Anymore
But I Could Never Blame You For Living Your Life
On The Other Side Of The World
And I Tried To Save Your Bracelet With The White Pearls
As If I Could Save You Too
Mo Lowda & the Humble © Bre Cura

Mo Lowda
Mo Lowda

The truth is, after that plane ride into the unknown, the physical distance will rip them apart completely. The emotional bond is simply not strong enough anymore to hold them together. But you can’t blame someone who is moving on and prioritising their own happiness. One of them tried to save the precious relationship, like a fragile, rare pearl, and thought saving the relationship could save the other person too. Nobody can save you. You have to prioritise yourself in order to save yourself.

Visually, this verse is accompanied by a nature scene in the video, reminiscent of the place which has been described in the first place. The video is without any humans, to show the distance even more. The only thing that is moving in the still life set design are pearls, metaphorically representing two individuals, floating away from one another. Relationships are never perfect. You argue and you might say things that you don’t mean, but in the end, it still feels like that you are two puzzle pieces who fit together perfectly.

When Our Shadows Converge And Our Opinions Conflict
I Choke On My Words… I Hesitate
But When My Ego Gets Curbed, It’s Been You At The Reins
Wearing Boots And A Sundress While You’re Guiding Me Back To Earth Again

Sometimes you tend to argue on the simplest things, defeating your ego until it defends you. The only reason you did this was that you deeply cared about each other. Love is not only made up of the sunshine and the rainbows, but it is also made up of the thunders. Whatever happened between the two, she always had the power to bring him back to earth again, no matter what. She was his rock when everything around him seemed certain. She kept his focus on what matters when he didn’t know what mattered. But now, the rocks have fallen, and they need to be their own constant.

Mo Lowda & the Humble © Bre Cura

In the video, the pearls are in a dusty desert, symbolizing those hardships. After, they are floating towards their place, their sanctuary. The piece that ties them together and keeps them sane. This verse is followed by an instrumental solo, and the colours in the videos get warmer. Everything gets a bit messier; the dust is floating around and it looks like a field of ruins. The chorus repeats, full of emotions. The end is near.

So Let Some Light In The Room
Lay By My Side
Let Me Soak In Your Presence As You Soak In Mine
‘Cause You’ll Be Gone Again… Ten Thousand Miles
Ten Thousand Miles
Mo Lowda & the Humble © 2020

He wants to lay by her side for one last time, soaking in the atmosphere that used to be theirs. The video ends with a dramatic fire in a desert full of pearls. No matter how far they will go, the place by the river and their memories will always connect them.

Musically, the lyrics are accompanied by a clear structure with a dominant bass guitar and drums for the rhythm. The bold vocals make it stand out and feel like an anthem. Mo Lowda & the Humble say about the song that it was an obvious choice to go with it as the album opener and single due to its structure, its catchy nature, and its bouncy rhythm section. The lyrical content focuses on something many people have likely dealt with at some point in their lives, “the distance from a lover,” says lead vocalist Jordan Caiola.

“Pearls” by Mo Lowda & the Humble is an anthem that reassures every broken heart out there, that whatever they are feeling, no matter how hard this might be, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what broke away now, you will always be connected to the other person with the memories you share together.

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