“No. Bull. Sh*t.”: Maya B Goes Track-by-Track Through Her Multidimensional Debut EP, ‘B[1]’

B[1] - Maya B
B[1] - Maya B
A brilliantly intimate coming-of-age record, Maya B’s unapologetic & impassioned debut EP ‘B[1]’ is a transcendent, compelling, and beautiful seduction.
Stream: “Running” – Maya B

‘B[1]’ is representative of my own little world. It is also a representative of not being boxed in.

A brilliantly intimate coming-of-age record, Maya B’s debut EP is a transcendent, compelling, and beautiful seduction.

The Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer comes to life with haunting grace in B[1], an unapologetic and impassioned record of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-love.

[B]1 - Maya B
B[1] – Maya B
In real life
All this shit you see ain’t happening in 
Real life
Reality something everyone’s acting in
Feels like I’m paralyzed 
Looks like paradise
It ain’t real life, no

Released May 7, 2021 via Soulpower Productions, B[1] is a feverish, fiery, and devastatingly dynamic collection of provocative self-expression from an invigorated mind and soul. It’s a long time coming for Maya B, whose trajectory has been nothing short of unique over the past four years – seeing her release over a half dozen singles and work with two different major record labels.

In adding her 2019 song “Dollar to a Diamond” to our Editor’s Picks, Atwood praised Maya B as an artist with her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds: “Maya B frees our minds of a restrictive complex, encouraging us to think big and live big. [“Dollar to a Diamond”] is a euphoric indulgence not in fantasy, but in ambition: In owning your own enterprise and living life to the fullest extent possible.”

Maya B © 2021
Maya B © 2021

Over two years later, Maya B remains intensely dedicated to her craft. B[1] is an inspiring testament to her work ethic and artistry.

“During the making of this EP, I grew up a lot in my life and was constantly changing,” the artist tells Atwood Magazine. “Now that B[1] is out it’s so amazing to look at it from a zoomed perspective of growth. When I started this project I was working in a frozen yogurt shop starting my first semester of college. This music genuinely changed my life; I hope it’ll change other people’s lives too.”

I don’t go into recording with a vision. Music is my diary and I use it as therapy, so my only goal with making records is to be as honest and vulnerable as I can. My only mission when writing lyrics is to tell a story and paint a picture. I feel like I’ve stuck to that truth for B[1].”

Though she’s been steadily rising in stature for four thrilling years now, B[1] remains a definitive introductory statement. “This project introduces me and captures me because I write from the heart,” Maya B says. “You’re listening to my innermost thoughts. I also talk a lot things I don’t really dig. For instance, this materialistic, status obsessed society. I also wanted to express things I do believe in. I care about peace, being present, and building community.”

Maya B touches on everything from her own personal growth to social media and Instagram culture, toxic relationships, isolation, anxiety, and more on her debut. That journey begins with “Real Life,” a turbulent outpouring that flips the middle finger at materialism and status culture. “My Louboutin’s new but they really fake, got them from store in downtown LA, out here with my crew, I don’t know their names, they’re my BFF’s met them Saturday,” Maya B sings with effortless ease. “I can’t wear these jeans wore them yesterday, said I got them free but I really paid, I spent $30 dollars just to flex valet, I don’t have a car, paid them anyway.” Bustling drums cook up a storm underneath the artist’s searing voice, adding to her outer expression of inner turmoil.

I am overrated, complicated
Let me go
Jumped over our hurdles, Crossed the city
Took an oath
Still wanna fall in love cause don’t wanna fold
Words turned to action and that turned into a ghost
I am bound leave you baby if you wanna know
You’re the only one who held me high and made me whole
– “Running,” Maya B

Further into B[1], songs like “Running,” “Next Life,” and “Don’t Want to Be Invited” showcase Maya B’s singular ability to weave heartfelt lyrics and rich melodies into a stunningly visceral performance. Her expressive voice soars and stirs, gliding through radiant highs and tender lows full of uncompromising feeling.

“When I was doing the tracking for this project it was important to me that it felt like a journey,” she says. “I’ve always been a big fan of artists who had multiple sides and weren’t afraid to share them. My favorite things about this record has to be that – the multidimensional listening experience.”

Maya B’s raw lyrics are particularly close to her heart. “I don’t think I could name one favorite as all of these songs mean so much to me,” she reflects. “The ‘Next Life’ and ‘Eyes Closed’ lyrics get me in my feelings every time. ‘Real Life’, ‘Balloon Bitch’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Be Invited’ make me feel invincible. ‘Don’t Think About It’ is an instant mood booster. The lyrics all resonate!” Every song has its own strengths – a reminder that every moment of this eight-track record matters, and should be paid special attention.

baby, I promise that i’ll always be honest
That I love you regardless if you still haven’t noticed
it’s never easy to spend all of your pennies
To take her overseas when you’d rather be with me
Oh unspoken moving in slow motion
Emotion like ocean, you understand me
I understand your envy that I have dated plenty
– “Next Life,” Maya B

By the time “Balloon Bitch” and the thrilling bonus track “Nasty” close her EP, Maya B has treated audiences to a vivid array of passionate self-expression. B[1] dwells in emotive depths while inviting its audience to revel in a musical pool of R&B, pop, hip-hop, trap, and more. In choosing not to limit herself, Maya B has taken a strong step closer to stardom.

“I hope listeners take away peace, self empowerment, self love, confidence, and a sense of community,” she shares. “I’ve definitely taken away those things by creating it and now putting it out. Like I said earlier, I grew a lot. Growing pains hurt. It doesn’t always feel like it’s for the best – but deep down, you gotta know it is. I hope listener take some of the good energy sprinkled throughout B[1].”

I’ve always been a big fan of artists who had multiple sides and weren’t afraid to share them. My favorite things about this record has to be that – the multidimensional listening experience.

Maya B has held nothing back here; give her a half hour, and she will fill your world with wonder.

Experience the full record via our below stream, and peek inside Maya B’s B[1] with Atwood Magazine as the artist goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of her debut EP!

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Stream: ‘B[1]’ – Maya B

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[B]1 - Maya B

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Real Life

“In real life
All this shit you see ain’t happening in 
Real life
Reality something everyone’s acting in
Feels like I’m paralyzed 
Looks like paradise
It ain’t real life no”
Although B1 is about my lonerism, feel like there is a underlying message of: Fuck you, materialism. Fuck you, status. Not because either are inherently bad but as a culture they have almost become necessities instead of accessories. And I think it’s played out at this point. I feel really strongly about making sure that when my songs are getting moshed to: if people look at my lyrics that I’m not telling them what brands or what drugs to buy into but that I’m telling my deepest thoughts.


“I’m overwhelming, complicated
Let me go
Tripped over our hurdles
Raise the white flag 
In the smoke 
Still don’t wanna fall in love
Still can’t let u go
Oo I’m Tired of
running running running”
Sometimes relationships hurt when you try and try but it doesn’t work. That hurt made me scared to trust, scared to love, scared to live. I babysat my emotions. I thought I was protecting myself when i was actually just running from what life is all about: experiences + growth. Still my cynicism consistently prepped me for a future hurt. Making sure my smile never got too comfortable. Making sure that my shoulders are never too relaxed. Making sure that the flame of passion and love inside is in control and at my disposal. But in time you have to give up that control and stop running.

Next life 

“But in the next life
If uh the times right
I could be beside ya
I could be beside..
Maybe in the next life
If uh the times right
I could be beside ya
I could be beside..”
In life we people a little bit too early or a little bit too late to love each other the way that you hoped.. Next life is about the one who got away and the realization that it could never be. there is still a hopefulness in the song and in the lyrics saying ‘despite all this, maybe in the next life‘.

Don’t Want to Be Invited 

“You can go and put the x on me
I’m not worried
Picky pick apart all me
N*ggas shooting shots like armies
Like oh gnarly
barely tripping
you should know me”
You can’t reach your full potential if you’re steady worrying about fitting in. Take a pause- take some time to really look at yourself.  The parts that you love about yourself, the parts that you’ve accepted about yourself and the parts that you deny. The sky looks bluer when you’re living in your truth. F the other guys.

Eyes Closed

“He said
“it’s been a hard week for me
Sink or swim for me
Think it’s sink for me
I thought you wouldn’t beef with me
Thought that you would reach for me
when I’m reaching up for you
And everything was sympathies
When you looked at me
Hear the violin tune
My sister said you sung for me
Took a punch for me
Will you tell me if it’s true”
I told em “that’s the truth“
I told em “that’s the truth “
Eyes closed follows a conversation and a night between two ex lovers. It was important for me to try to illustrate the frustration, the growth, the inner turmoil, and the love that still is. Near the end of this song I explain how I’m laying on my back staring at the ceiling with this person next to me but I’m being able to sleep. The person being half clothed but me not being able to touch them. having so many emotions inside but not acting on them – feeling frozen in time.

Don’t Think About It

“No one ever told me
Why I couldn’t be king
Or Why I eat the green beans
Or Who the hell is birdsen bees
I remember I was 14
sammy pulled a knife on the homie
And I ran home and I told T
that’s when she sat down, told me
Riots not diets
Time isn’t free
you can count paper after blessings
Love is the highest
And one more thing
Don’t think about it too much”
Growing up I felt like I had to learn a lot on my own. Like how birds and bees is not a person lol  it is when you’re talking about getting it on lol. And that’s OK, it was fun to grow but it definitely would’ve been easier if someone could have broken things down for me a little bit more. In this song I talk about how I learned a lot from my sisters, how I ran to them for advice. I kind of came up with rules to live by from that.

Balloon Bitch

“****** think it’s cute
But I’ve got too much rude for you 
Ya leave me high just like you do 
And I’ll float up like a balloon bitch”
Balloon bitch is an anthem to all people who know that they are capable. There were times in my journey people thought that if they weren’t around me that I would not go up, that I would not achieve my goals. That  is not the case. I made this song as a confidence builder as well as a couple shots fired to the people who think that my success is based on them. My success is based on me. Your success is based on YOU. Don’t let people believe they created you.

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[B]1 - Maya B

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