“It’s a mile to the front door”: Orion Sun Dwells in Love’s Wreckage on “Already Gone,” a Song of Heartache, Grief, & Acceptance

Orion Sun "Already Gone" © Linus Johnson
Orion Sun "Already Gone" © Linus Johnson
Heartache runs rampant on Orion Sun’s beautifully gut-wrenching “Already Gone,” an intimate, achingly vulnerable eruption of grief in the aftermath of a breakup, and the stunning first look at her forthcoming self-titled third album, ‘Orion.’
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The silence becomes heavy like water… I was holding on to hope like a life raft.

Heartache runs rampant on Orion Sun’s first single in two years.

Love isn’t just an emotion; it’s a commitment – a life plan. It’s your hopes and dreams for the present, as well as the future; a lifetime’s worth of memories waiting to be made. And when that love falls apart, so does everything else. “It started raining in Brooklyn; I’m writing to you while I wait for the Earth to start spinning again,” Orion Sun sings over dulcet guitars and keys. Her voice is delicate, her melody gut-wrenching as the end slowly consumes her, “overwhelmed by your absence.” Such is the power of love that its wreckage can stop the world, and in “Already Gone,” we feel the weight of that loss as it rains down on one broken, lonely heart.

Already Gone - Orion Sun
Already Gone – Orion Sun
It started raining in Brooklyn
I’m writing to you
while I wait for the Earth

To start spinning again
Overwhelmed by your absence
It’s a mile to the front door
Took a parachute down
to the bottom floor

Going outside feel like going off to war
And I spend most my time now
Just tryna get you off my mind somehow

Released June 12, 2024 via Mom + Pop Music, “Already Gone” is as mournful as it is devastating. The lead single off Orion Sun’s forthcoming third studio album Orion (set to release September 20) aches from the inside out as the singer, songwriter, and producer born Tiffany Majette lets her pain flow freely.

We was black sheep in the barn
Found love, broke free
We was roaming on
Got ahead of me, but I was catching up
Got there, and you was already gone…
Orion Sun © Eric Johnson
Orion Sun © Eric Johnson

Grief pours out of her in droves as she steadily unpacks what it means for her to have lost this love –

– this person who meant so much to her, who had joined their life, their world, their very being with hers. Uncoupling is (and will always be) complex and challenging, and “Already Gone” brings this all-too real, brutally raw struggle to the surface, highlighting the slow burn of the healing process and the mountains of hardship one must endure in a breakup’s aftermath:

I try my best
Sometimes I get dressed, I feel like a mess
But I get out of bed, still
It’s a mile to the front door
Took a parachute down to the bottom floor
Was gonna meet you outside by the waterfront
But you were already gone

For Orion Sun, “Already Gone” is the heartrending soundtrack to her own post-breakup fallout; her poignant, poetic lyrics reflect that visceral, vulnerable dismantling she went through, and all the turbulence she endured. “It’s about that first night alone when your partner moves out and it’s obvious nothing will ever be the same,” she explains. “You try to change it or fix it or run from it, but you have to come home eventually.”

“The silence becomes heavy like water. Everything was a task. Everything was hard. I was holding on to hope like a life raft. Only in retrospect is it kind of funny. It seems dramatic and annoying, but it was so true to me then.”

Orion Sun's self-titled third album is set to release September 20th via Mom + Pop
Orion Sun’s self-titled third album is set to release September 20th via Mom + Pop

Her first original single since 2022’s Getaway EP arrives on the precipice of change, both inside and out, as the 27-year-old artist (formerly based in Philadelphia and the New York area) now plants fresh roots in the West Coast. Her forthcoming album traverses what has proved a tumultuous and defining period of her early and mid twenties, navigating the highs and lows of love and loss while simultaneously striving to understand her own place in the world. That soul-search is never truly over, but Orion‘s first two singles (the enchantingly ethereal, introspective song “Mary Jane” was released on July 9) highlight the LA-based artist’s ongoing intimate journey.

You was gone…
I was there, you was gone
I was up, late night
On the phone
I was praying I could be
something to hold
I don’t even know what I was thinking
I was wrong, you was wrong
We was wrong, bleeding
Tryna put it in a poem

“I am the accumulation of everybody who has ever loved me and I’m so grateful,” Orion Sun posted to social media upon her album’s announcement. “It’s been 4 years since my last album. thank you for still being here. I’m working on the words… this is a very surreal and important moment. To be able to create in times like these I don’t take lightly or for granted. Finally these songs are leaving my body. What a release.”

Intentionally self-titled and already full of passionate, substantive music, Orion is sure to be a defining statement for Orion Sun. For now, give “Already Gone” a listen and get lost in the artist’s palpable, unrelenting, everlasting expression of heartache.

It’s so frightening
Are you still gon’ like me
All my scars bleed
I feel weak and ugly
It still feels hard to
Imagine life without you
You needed someone…

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Stream: “Already Gone” – Orion Sun

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Already Gone - Orion Sun

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