Honoring Pride: Gay Pop Artist Sinclair Shares Her Story

This year, Atwood Magazine asked some of our favorite up-and-coming artists to discuss Pride and what Pride Month means to them. Today, artist-to-watch Sinclair shares her experience.

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As a musician it’s been extremely important for me to use my platform to be as honest and vulnerable as I possibly can be.

Every single show I play, I share a brief story of my coming out with the crowd. On my socials I’ve started what I call #Truthday on Sundays where I share something personal to me, but that I know has the potential to meet someone else where they’re at and help them know they’re not alone.

Music is powerful and has such an ability to speak where words can’t. I receive messages of people saying that my music or my stories have helped their relationship with their parent, or given them the courage to come out, or helped them see themselves as perfect just the way they are… This is what keeps me going & why I wanted the career I have in the first place. I want to share a little more of a personal story here and tell you what I’ve been thinking about this pride month!

Sinclair and wife Natalie celebrating their wedding
Sinclair, wife Natalie, and friends celebrating on their wedding day

I met my wife when I was 22 years old, and my god did I fall for her so hard and fast! The journey to marrying her definitely had its challenges. From dealing with certain friends not taking us seriously, to my family not acknowledging our partnership or supporting it, to people moving their family to the other side of the restaurant from us after having given us dirty looks for a while… It wasn’t a fucking breeze, is all I’m trynna say. However, the amount of people we had in our corner was astounding as we made our way through life together: The extended family, the friends, the adopted fathers and mothers, the heroes in the LGBTQ+ community, the fans, and then some!!!

Just, wow. And to think that any time over fifty years ago, no public figure was safe showing their love if it wasn’t straight love… They were threatened and forced into the darkest corners of life. There’s nothing more depressing to me than the thought of living my entire life without being honest with myself and the world around me. I can’t comprehend living in a time where your decision to be honest with the people around you could (and would) result in tragedies – including death. I’m aware that there are still places in the world where this is true, but I want to take a minute to celebrate how far so many parts of the world have come!

Sinclair and wife Natalie Rose Sinclair
Sinclair and wife Natalie Rose Sinclair

My wife and I had our wedding celebration at an all boys school in Nashville, TN. She legally changed her last name to mine. We file taxes together. We share bank accounts. Every one of these little things makes my heart soar, just writing them down now… And brings tears to my eyes as I’m typing. I’m thankful for every hero who fought to make the life I’m living possible. Just, wow. 

This month to me means thankfulness and gratitude for the simple fact that I’m living a life that so many people before me dreamt of.

Because of the people that were incapable of living a lie (and it cost so many of them unspeakable amounts), I now live in a place where I can hold hands with my wife publicly, kiss her, and post pictures online of our love and life together.

Thank you.

“This month to me means thankfulness and gratitude for the simple fact that I’m living a life that so many people before me dreamt of.”


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