“Real, Funny, & Chaotic”: Inside CARR’s Unapologetic & Exhilarating Sophomore EP ‘I’m Just Bored’

CARR © CJ Harvey
CARR © CJ Harvey
Feverish and raw, dramatic and gutting, CARR’s ‘I’m Just Bored’ EP is a cathartic exhale full of angst, honesty, and passionate indie rock energy.
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To escape boredom, some folks occupy their free time reading books; others listen to music, play video games, call or text their friends, cook, or get lost in the endless content of TikTok and Twitter. When Carly McClellan (aka CARR) is bored, she makes music: The NJ-born, LA-based artist’s sophomore EP is an intimate seven-track outpouring reflecting on a life on pause, and a life in motion: Because even when we’re doing nothing, we’re doing something. Feverish and raw, dramatic and gutting, CARR’s I’m Just Bored EP is a cathartic exhale full of angst, honesty, and passionate indie rock energy. Born out of boredom, it’s a great way to pass the time.

I'm Just Bored - CARR
I’m Just Bored – CARR
It’s not my fault when I make you cry
It’s not my fault that you’re not my type
It’s all your fault that you’re insecure
That you’re falling apart
‘Cause your feelings got hurt
So quit trippin’
And give up on your mission
You’re never gonna get this
We’ll never be more than just–
So quit trippin’
And give up on your mission
You’re never gonna gеt this
We’ll never bе more than just friends
You can kiss me when I’m dead
You can fuck me in your head
Close your eyes and play pretend
That we’re more than friends

Released October 29, 2021 via NYC-based indie label Pack Records, I’m Just Bored arrives toward the tail end of a busy year that’s seen Carly McClellan begin to establish her artistry in the alternative scene. Active for just two years, CARR has a short, but vivid history of capturing romance’s turbulent side in song: Her 2019 debut EP 8th Ave remains a vivid, introspective coming-of-age exploration of oneself and love’s strain, toeing the lines of alt-rock and indie pop simultaneously. Popular songs from the EP like “Van McCann (Boys)” (which garnered 500,000+ global streams), “Strangers,” and “Ready Yet” depict tales of soul-searching, heartache, longing, and self-doubt in moving, stirring detail. More recent singles “Shampoo” and “Poor Boy” have continued down the road of deep-diving, clever lyricism and shiver-inducing performance, earning CARR spots on numerous high-visibility playlists and many hundreds of thousands of streams.

CARR © CJ Harvey
CARR © CJ Harvey

Arriving in the wake of all this and three new promotional singles, I’m Just Bored proves an evocative sophomore offering and one that easily sets CARR apart from others in the indie rock / indie pop space – to the point where we are proud to label her one of Atwood Magazine‘s 2022 Artists to Watch. Vulnerable, edgy, and always down for wordplay, CARR’s new music is compelling like Julien Baker, vivid like Phoebe Bridgers, and just downright fun.

“The title of the EP ‘I’m Just Bored’ really says it all for me,” CARR tells Atwood Magazine. “It’s an EP I made during a time when I was just really bored with my personal life. It was such a tough year, and I was genuinely really bored!”

But boredom isn’t actually the key ingredient to this EP – for though on the outside it may have seemed like there wasn’t much happening, on the inside there was always a lot going on. “I felt like I was constantly overthinking stupid things from the past – thinking too much about people from my past – or just not thinking at all. I wanted to make this project a representation of that, so it’s a little weird and really fun but honest at the same time. I feel like it truly represents who I am at the core. It’s the first time I worked with new producers as well and I met amazing friends and future collaborators. We all just had so much fun together making these songs.”

My vision was to keep things real and fun. I wanted it to sound kind of garage-y and demo-y. It was pretty much exactly the vision I had from the beginning.

CARR © CJ Harvey
CARR © CJ Harvey

CARR’s sophomore EP is a statement of, for, and from the restless generation: A confessional diary entry and a cleansing shout all at once.

The artist’s lyrics are unapologetic and witty, her melodies rich, and her instrumental work is endlessly enthralling: Every song is an emotional and sonic world unto itself.

“I think it’s definitely a good intro to my songwriting and style of music I’m looking to make in the future,” CARR says of her EP. “I think it’s fun, I think it’s funny, I really wanted these songs to be cool but also make people feel something they’ve maybe never felt from anything else.”

As far as soothing the doldrums is concerned, I’m Just Bored promises an entertaining time for all. Opening track and lead single “Loser” sets the scene with a blend of charm and charged emotion: In featuring CARR’s “f-you to sleazebags” this past summer, Atwood Magazine praised the artist for delivering “an explosive and unapologetic anthem we can’t wait to scream at the top of our lungs.” The succeeding six songs fulfill on the opener’s promise, sweeping high and delving low as CARR in relishes moments of special connection (“Carrtoons”), embraces groupie mentality with invigorating drive (“Sprinter Van”), laments over ill-fated crushes (“Kiss Me When I’m Dead”), and more. Every performance radiates visceral feeling as CARR’s words spellbind.

We sit on my queen-sized bed
Chain smoking your Camelbacks
How do we have so much fun doing nothing?
…Sometimes it feels like you’re not real
I like your tattoos, they’re so cute just like you
And it’s true you’re my best friend
I like watching you watch cartoons in my room
It’s just you that I mess with

“The whole project is really special to me,” CARR reflects. “My favorite is always changing, but right now it’s ‘Carrtoons.’ It’s really sweet and real and it paints such a good picture. In my last relationship we watched a lot of cartoons together, and I think it was sweet to capture those little  moments of just doing nothing with someone and having the best time.” As for lyrical highlights, CARR can’t help draw attention toward one particularly biting line in “Loser”: “Now you’re all alone with your tiny dick.

“’Loser’ was inspired by this awful guy I was seeing for a bit,” she explains. “I would constantly catch him in these really dumb lies and he was just a total manipulative loser. [It’s] about those types of people you date that just really really suck. It’s kind of like a realization of how low you’ve stooped for them. I wanted to make a fun anthem about it, and something I wish I could’ve blasted in my car when I was getting over some horrible dudes.”

CARR © CJ Harvey
CARR © CJ Harvey

Bet you think you’re pretty clever
Tellin’ everyone you’re best friends with the director
He just owes your dad a favor
Interesting, no, you’re boring
No one loves you more than you, it gets annoying
So here’s a little story
If this was a scary movie
You’d be the first to die
If this was a scary movie
I’d pretend to cry
‘Cause you’re handsome, but you’re stupid
Off camera, you’re pretty useless
Whеn they find you in the bushes
Plot twist, you’rе dead and I did it
– “Scary Movie,” CARR

Whether you too are getting over some dumb love, or just passing the day away, I’m Just Bored promises to enthuse and inspire while igniting a fire inside. CARR has surpassed all expectations with seven irresistibly catchy, cathartic, and clever songs that feel gut-wrenching, confrontation, and yet so deeply present and of this moment. From the provocative “I can be your one-night stand” offer of “Sprinter Van” to the “you’re never gonna get this… you can kiss me when I’m dead, you can f$%& me in your head” rejection of “Kiss Me When I’m Dead,” to the “plot twist, you’re dead and I did it” shock and awe of “Scary Movie,” CARR keeps us constantly invested and on our toes as she sings intense stories full of passion and electric verve.

It’s a bit coming-of-age and a bit self-discovery, and all-around intoxicating.

“I hope listeners can blast these in their car or on their headphones and just vibe out and have fun,” CARR shares. “If they’d rather be sad, they can listen to “Airheads” or “French Fries” or something.” Experience the full record via our below stream, and peek inside CARR’s I’m Just Bored EP with Atwood Magazine as the artist goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of their latest EP!

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Stream: ‘I’m Just Bored’ – CARR

:: Inside I’m Just Bored ::

I'm Just Bored - CARR

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“Loser” is a song I want people to blast in their car. It’s a song I wish I had when I was getting over some shitty men. I feel like this would’ve helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel a lot sooner.


“Carrtoons” is one of my favorites. It’s really sweet and real and it paints such a good picture. In my last relationship we watched a lot of cartoons together, and I think it was sweet to capture those little  moments of just doing nothing with someone and having the best time.

Sprinter Van

“Sprinter Van” is a groupie anthem. I’m always crushing on the same type of guy, usually the one in a band. It’s a really funny take on that specific type of person and what you’d wanna do about it.


“Airheads” is a really special song to me. I tried to make this song for the last three years and it never felt right, so I always clung onto the idea like my prized possession. I had a night with someone where we laid in bed and ate airheads and talked all night and it’s one of those really random nights that will stay with me forever. Sadly we lost touch, and it’s how I feel about the situation tied into the metaphor of cavities and the fact that we were eating candy.

Kiss Me When I’m Dead

“Kiss Me When I’m Dead” is a song I wrote about someone that really wants you, but will never have you. I wanted it to be really fun and another song people can blast in their car for a little confidence boost.

Scary Movie

“Scary Movie” was probably the fastest song I’ve ever made. In the session, we went through a million song ideas and none were working, then we had about an hour left and I was randomly inspired by a horror poster on the wall. We ended up writing it in less than an hour. I wanted it to be the stereotypical horror movie, where the stupid hot guy usually dies and the level headed girl next door makes it to the end and usually is darker than what people think.

French Fries

“French Fries” is a song I wrote about ‘the nice guy.’ It’s kind of the boredom of dating someone great. We wanted the hook to be about me dipping French fries in a milkshake, which to someone boring seems like a crazy idea. This outro is also one of my favorite parts of the project and is the best ending to the EP.

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I'm Just Bored - CARR

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