Today’s Song: Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet Spark Hope with “Love Like That”

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Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet spark hope with their ear bending song, “Love Like That.”
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Love Like That - Roos Jonker Dean Tippet

Love Like That – Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet

Often times, with desperation comes hope. A hope that is as realistic as it is alive, and one that we have to hang on to in times of troubles. It’s important to let yourself feel lost, let yourself fall into desperation, because sometimes those things aren’t all negative, sometimes they truly bring the positive. Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet not only encapsulate this feeling in lyrics, but also within the music of their effervescent song, “Love Like That.” As Jonker describes it, “Love Like That is the last song we wrote for the album. We made it with the melodies of Paul Simon and guitars from Mali in the back of our head, sounds we both love. Although the lyrics reflect desperation, they are also laced with a glimmer of hope.”

A Bright plucky guitar lick with unique sounds interjecting between Tippet and Jonker’s soft soothing vocals start the track off,

I feel like a fraud
oh I Keep losing track of time
And time is running out
Used up the luck I got
Guess what the jig is up
It’s a long way down
I found a light
A light I’ve never seen before

The chorus picks up just of slight, and while the song is soothing and lowkey there is also an indescribable energy to it that makes you feel alive,

What do you do with a love like that
Where do you go with a heart like that
What do you do with a love like that
Where do you go with a heart like that
A heart like that

The bounce and airy soothe of the song continue on from verse to chorus and so-on, leaving us pleased and yearning for more,

I was a ghost you know
I shook off all my bones
Buried ‘em deep into the ground

The track reaches its end and allows the music to continue on – the creativity of the instruments and sounds the chose to use is what makes this song unlike any you’ve heard before – it’s as pleasing as it is surprising. Jonker and Tippet have been around the block a time or two, honing their skills and allowing room for the creativity they’ve bolstered in this track. Take it in – we promise you won’t hear anything else like it today.

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Love Like That - Roos Jonker Dean Tippet

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