Premiere: Sonny Elliot’s Delicate “Broken Glasses” Glows with Unconditional Love

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Delicate, ethereal, and full of grace, Sonny Elliot’s “Broken Glasses” is a cinematic outpouring of unconditional love that promises to break your heart and heal your soul.

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And if the rain falls on you, I will help you through.

Few people have that magic touch to find beauty in darkness. Lifting gloom’s heavy weight is a Herculean task, but Sonny Elliot make it look all-too easy in their new single. Out now, “Broken Glasses” is an uplifting tale of sorrow and hope – a bittersweet, delicate offer to extinguish darkness with warmth, light, and love – if only for a little while.

Broken glasses
You can’t see through
What makes me saddest
Is how he hurt you
You’ve got scars on your wrists
And his name in a heart tattoo
Listen: “Broken Glasses” – Sonny Elliot

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Broken Glasses,” the lead single and title track off Sonny Elliot’s forthcoming sophomore EP, Broken Glasses (out 10/12/2018). The UK-based duo of brothers Chris and Joe Peden (formerly of Wild Smiles), Sonny Elliot have a knack for finding the beauty in dark spaces. Their music blends acoustic and electric instrumentation into an ethereal state of grace: Subtle, soft, and pulsing with emotion, “Broken Glasses” magnifies a whisper into a shout, draining our senses as Sonny Elliot expose us to their vulnerable selves.

Broken Glasses EP - Sonny Elliot

Broken Glasses EP – Sonny Elliot

Let’s go driving round at night
Getting lost in the moonlight
Play our favourite songs
Dance around under street lights
And if the rain falls on you
I will be there too
And if the rain falls on you
I will help you through

“‘Broken Glasses’ is a memoir to someone you care for deeply, who is experiencing a period of lows within their life,” Sonny Elliot tell Atwood Magazine. “It’s about letting them knowing you’ll always be there for them no matter the situation; It’s unconditional love.”

Turbulent times are coming for us all; no one is safe from pain and suffering, but with any luck we all have an anchor to pull us up and out. “Broken Glasses” is a lifeline for all of us: Its evocative, carefully-built soundscape swells with impassioned violins and loving guitar riffs. Meanwhile, Chris Peden’s tender voice breaks us down with its purity and fragility: He sings softly and sweetly, making the most of every word like it’s the only time he gets to share this message with the world.

Broken hearted
I’ll look out for you
Heartache and sadness
I know you’re confused
You’ve got scars on your wrists
And his name in a heart tattoo

Radiating with cinematic magnificence, “Broken Glasses” is truly otherworldly in its emotional strength. Sonny Elliot immerse us in a singular world of love and healing; powerfully emotive and utterly hypnotizing, “Broken Glasses” promises to break your heart and heal your soul.

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Broken Glasses EP - Sonny Elliot

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