Premiere: Kayls Basks in Dark Lust on Debut “Summer”

Kayls © Jon Ecker & Larissa Zbryski
A thirsty, love-lorn song yearning for one more moment of euphoric ecstasy, Kayls’ “Summer” is a scarlet goodbye.

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Oh, sweet summer: Where have you gone? Your hot, sun-soaked days; your endless hours; you blissful creature, full of warmth and cheer. Summer is so much more than a season: It’s a state of mind, a beautiful, heavenly space where we leave our woes behind and bask in our own skin.

When it’s gone, there’s something missing.

It is this power – the weight of summer; the depth of its void – that provides the imagery and inspiration for Kayls’ debut single. A thirsty, love-lorn song yearning for one more moment of euphoric ecstasy, Kayls’ “Summer” is a scarlet goodbye full of sultry lines, seductive beats, and tear-stained sheets.

Waking up sideways,
tuesdays are saturdays
you’ve got me on your mind
not feeling like falling leaves,
don’t wanna cut the scene
life is a beach sometimes
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Summer,” the lead single off Kayls’ debut EP Modern Savages (produced by Atwood favorites BRÅVES, due January 2018). “I like to write what I don’t know how to say,” describes the artist, who at 18 moved to Los Angeles with stars in her eyes, only to find herself surrounded by those who wanted to shape her into something she wasn’t.

Kayls isn’t bubblegum pop; she learned early on that she’s not the cookie-cutter type. “Music is too sacred to compromise,” reads a line in her bio; what greater truth is there? “Summer” introduces Kayls as a fearlessly evocative singer with a playfully sinister edge: Her press shots present a femme fatale asserting confidence and control, lust and hunger.

Summer - Kayls

Summer – Kayls

now that you’ve taken apart of me
Hang these blue roses and let them bleed
you’re like the last day of summer
one night to feel ya, in my veins
heaven sent
you’re like the last day of summer
one night to hear ya, say my name
take me there
you’re like the last day of summer

After all, “Summer” is about the have nots, not the haves. “The emotion of “Summer” is a little bit bittersweet,” shares Kayls. “It’s that song about wanting to fight off the inevitable and hold onto a moment in time for as long as possible, all the while knowing that there’s not much you can do to change the fate of the situation.”

Kayls is completely consumed in her words, embodying the ravenous character who just can’t shake the shadow of days bodies past.

Kayls © Jon Ecker & Larissa Zbryski

Kayls © Jon Ecker & Larissa Zbryski

In some ways, “Summer” represents a rebellion. It isn’t safe; it isn’t clean; but it is sincere. Its euphemisms are light and its wordplay (i get hot when you’re next to me) is endearing. Kayls doesn’t shy away from saying exactly what she wants: In fact, she embraces it, immersing the audience in a longing that so many of us know only too well.

don’t care what the clock says
spending the day in bed
your body on repeat
i get hot when you’re next to me
making it hard to breath
how do we roll high tide

Summer: It’s the heat of the moment, literally. Soak up the sun one more time with Kayls’ debut single, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Summer - Kayls

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