Donna Lewis Tells a Ten-Track Story of Overcoming Uncertainty on ‘Rooms With a View’

Rooms With a View - Donna Lewis
Rooms With a View - Donna Lewis
Donna Lewis uses music to contextualize her journey of recovery and the lessons she learned along the way on her new album, ‘Rooms With a View.’
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Donna Lewis is a pivotal artist known for her record-breaking hit “I Love You, Always Forever” which was the first song in history to break one million spins on US radio.

While preparing to celebrate the track’s 25th anniversary, Lewis was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer which completely shifted her perspective. What followed was a journey of self-discovery, healing, and courage which Lewis intimately captured through her cathartic new album Rooms With a ViewAlongside her acclaimed producer Holmes Ives, Lewis guides us through each step of her journey with poignant lyricism and darkly abstract sonics.

Rooms With a View - Donna Lewis
Rooms With a View – Donna Lewis

The album opens with Lewis’ cryptic reverie on discovering her diagnosis entitled “The Messenger.” “The Messenger” asks open-ended questions over silk-spun synths that descend like cumulus clouds as Lewis contemplates her journey ahead.

Second track “Corridors” is written about the nurses who aided Lewis in conquering her fears surrounding treatment. Swimming with lively bass lines and ear-catching electronics, “Corridors” draws you deeper inside her experience. “The Mark” is about stepping outside of yourself to face your obstacles. Over pulsating beats, Lewis reflects on drawing strength from those around her to overcome her greatest challenges. Her fourth track, “The Imposter,” is a moving tribute to the nurses who reassured Lewis along the way. Lewis powerfully belts, “Thank you for making me feel brave when I didn’t feel brave.”

Her fifth track entitled “Rooms With A View” is a stunning collaboration between Lewis and her son Archie Lewis-Harris who brought the track to life with his background as a musician and film composer. “Rooms With A View” reflects on the light points that cut through the darkness along Lewis’ road to recovery. Over a symphony of sparkling strings and windswept vocals, Lewis captures the beauty of being present in each moment and sitting with your emotions.

Sixth track “Tell Me A Story” opens with an infectious riff that dives beneath commanding vocals. The song is about coping mechanisms and techniques which put Lewis’ mind at ease throughout treatment. “Headlights” is compellingly electric with feverish cascades of percussion and vibrant synths. Eighth track “Angel In Combat Boots” is about seeking shelter from the harsh truths of reality. Over gothic notes of piano, high-strung beats, and dark vocals, Lewis creates a haunting sonic landscape for her story to unfold. Lewis’ track “Masks” is written about feeling disconnected from her surroundings during harrowing points of the process. She sings, “Take it away.”

Her closing track “Roundabout” is about wanting to evolve and grow from our experiences rather than return to the starting point. With enticing vocal choices, sharp and textural beats, and lush atmospherics, “Roundabout” will linger in your ears long after the music’s over.

Donna Lewis is a multi-platinum artist who shares her story of grit and tenacity on her new album. Rooms With A View is about uncovering the truth amidst uncertainty by the sheer power of our strength. Lewis pays tribute to the caretakers, friends, and family who supported her along the way over riveting sonic backdrops and deeply personal lyrics that cut through the surface.

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Rooms With a View - Donna Lewis

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