Premiere: Caspar Leopard’s Breathtaking “Son of the Morning” Seeks Meaning in Abstraction

Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard
Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard

We spend so much time thinking about our purpose in life; trying to find meaning in our job, at home, amongst peers, etc. But what are we searching for, and will we even know when we’ve found it? Caspar Leopard’s breathtaking “Son of the Morning” explores the vastness of life, considering our desire for meaning through powerful, vivid music and visuals.

Son of the morning say hello
Can’t stop the yawning getting old
Time for the dawn
Time for the road
Taking me deeper
Further from home
“Son of the Morning” – Caspar Leopard
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Son of the Morning,” the striking new single off Caspar Leopard’s forthcoming debut EP Restoration (out tomorrow, February 16, 2018). Based in London, Caspar Leopard is a stimulating multimedia talent: The singer, composer, producer and filmmaker made waves late last year with his debut single “Expire Pt. I,” a cinematic, atmospheric song that seeks to find beauty and commonalities in our fractured, divisive world.

Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard
Son of the Morning – Caspar Leopard

Directed by Leopard and animated by Ben Wilson, “Son of the Morning” finds the artist continuing down a conceptual and spiritual rabbit hole, this time tapping into natural imagery and anthropomorphic visuals to evoke a sense of wonder at our endlessly dazzling existence.

It’s a long way back to the hills by the sea
The river is a snake that’s connecting me
To the place I belong in the waves with the sun
It’s a long way, yeah it’s a long way

“We spend our lives scrabbling around, trying to find a sense of purpose in the world, but ultimately, life is too big and strange for us to ever fully understand,” Leopard says of his new single. “‘Son Of The Morning’ is about that process of constantly looking outside yourself, then coming to the conclusion that the answers are often far closer to home than we imagine.”

Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard

Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard

Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard
Son of the Morning – Caspar Leopard

Animator Ben Wilson does an incredible job at realizing Leopard’s vision, creating a magnificently thought-provoking display of vivified humanity through existential, ethereal reproductions of the human likeness. We see a surreal face traveling through the sky, its shadow extending across the water below like some kind of magical bullet train.

Sunrise struck by a warm wave
Held tight I’m heading home

Having recently won “Best Score” at the Global Lift-Off Film Awards, Caspar Leopard’s solo EP is the product of considerable depth – both musical and cerebral. “Son of the Morning” accentuates Leopard’s talents, compelling us to find meaning in abstraction – quite like our endless search for purpose in life. Darkness and light mix into orchestral and electronic sounds to create a beautifully, wholly mesmerizing piece that overwhelms the mind, while soothing the soul.

Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard

Son of the Morning - Caspar Leopard

Stream “Son of the Morning” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and find Caspar Leopard’s debut EP Restoration (prod. by Luke Smith and Orlando Leopard), out globally tomorrow, 2/16/2018!

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Caspar Leopard’s Luminous “Expire Pt. I”

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