Today’s Song: Ethereal Explorations Continue on The Comet Is Coming’s “Lifeforce Part II”

The Comet Is Coming
The Comet Is Coming
Space-y synth, sci-fi soundscapes, and stunning saxophone coalesce into an alluring dream world on The Comet Is Coming’s “Lifeforce Part II.”
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Listen: “Lifeforce Part II” – The Comet Is Coming

The Comet Is Coming’s Trust In The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery was an otherworldly album that elevated jazz-fusion to new heights, soaring above the welkin and into the cosmos. They weaved intricate tapestries in which listeners could pause their own lives and enter into the dreams of the bad. However, the sonic journey does not stop there as they have plans on releasing a companion piece to their latest album in the form of a six-song collection titled The Afterlife. The band has provided a taste for what is to come with “Lifeforce Part II,” and the track certainly continues the transcendental experience, further showing that 2019 is The Comet Is Coming’s finest yet.

Lifeforce Part II – The Comet Is Coming

In a statement, the band explained that “’The Afterlife’ has been a topic of deep consideration and of the keys to spiritual mythology around the world for millennia. The two records can be seen as companions that cannot exist without each other, like day and night, light and dark, creation and destruction. They were made together, at the same time, and have always been intended to be experienced together.” If “Lifeforce Part II” is anything to go off of, The Afterlife will undoubtedly melt minds in the most fantastic of ways.

As the track begins, listeners would do well to close their eyes as soon as the first saxophone note is hit. Computerized soundscapes lay in the foreground that slowly builds until a sci-fi world has been created, almost as if stepping into a space ship that is ready to explore galaxies. Within the first thirty seconds, the track captures such a monumental feeling that provides a larger than life sound that intoxicates with its beats and rhythms. It’s anthemic, it’s bustling, and it’s vibrant – a track that leaves one hard-pressed not to get lost in.

The percussion that joins soon after is a rhythmic wonderland of pure energy, channeling itself into the minds of listeners and enrapturing them with every beat. The halfway point takes a moment to give the drums a reprieve of sorts, having the warbled synths and saxophone build back up. Synths, saxophone, and percussions then unite together to provide an onrush of high-octane adrenaline that will have feet moving, heads bopping, and minds altered. The band has a penchant for the elaborate and kaleidoscopic, and “Lifeforce Part II” exemplifies it with a fervor unmatched in today’s music scene. And the track isn’t even finished yet.

The Comet Is Coming © Fabrice Bourgelle

Nearing the song’s close, the saxophone does the impossible by expounding on the interstellar melodies already present. With a newfound gusto, the rhythm goes from bustling to howling, igniting flames within the listener that illicit feelings of unimaginable bliss. Though, such a high can only last for so long. During its last seconds, the saxophone departs, allowing for the trill synths and the now composed percussions to gently end the track, bringing back down the listeners from their spaced-laced dream worlds. The universe has never felt so tangible.

The Comet Is Coming had already provided 2019 with its best jazz record with Trust In The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery, but they decided that it wasn’t enough, so they went ahead and added a celestial cherry on top with The Afterlife, and their first single from it shows just how delectable of an experience it will be. Voltaic with its composition, the track exudes heavenly soundscapes that enthrall like no other. Dreams of space and the travels in it might seem far off, but The Comet Is Coming proves all one needs to do is close their eyes and let the music take over, allowing for the cosmos to come to them instead, and “Lifeforce Part II” does exactly that.

The Afterlife releases September 27th via Impulse! Records.

Listen: “Lifeforce Part II” – The Comet Is Coming

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