Premiere: Coyle Girelli’s Aching, Lovelorn “Never Thought I’d See You Again”

Coyle Girelli © 2018
Coyle Girelli © 2018
Burning with a lovelorn darkness, Coyle Girelli’s “Never Thought I’d See You Again” aches with heavy-hearted outlaw country-style warmth.

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There’s something about a bleeding heart that gets us every time: Burning with a lovelorn darkness, Coyle Girelli’s “Never Thought I’d See You Again” aches with heavy-hearted outlaw country-style warmth.

I was beginning to feel like i was over you
All my wounds had healed
I’d found somebody new
Moving on, making plans
The whole world in my hands
Making love and making dreams come true
“Never Thought I’d See You Again” – Coyle Girelli
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Never Thought I’d See You Again,” the latest single off Coyle Girelli’s upcoming solo album, Love Kills (out July 2018). The former frontman of British rock bands Your Vegas and The Chevin, Coyle Girelli has traded in the pop/rock sounds and buoyant indie vibes for dark singer/songwriter balladry and a classic rock-and-roll sound. The first two singles off Love Kills, “Where’s My Girl” and “My Blue Heart,” most closely resemble the darkness and vulnerability Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, and Elvis. Equipped with a deep, full-bodied tenor similar to that of Brandon Flowers, Girelli evokes strain and hardship like the best of them.

Love Kills - Coyle Girelli
Love Kills – Coyle Girelli

“Never Thought I’d See You Again” continues Girelli’s exploration of what’s been described as modern noir: Impassioned guitar-slinger Americana music, achingly nostalgic for the Golden Age of outlaw country. Bleeding with pained longing, the song highlights the artist’s incredible talent as a songwriter – capturing that classic story of still loving the one who got away. It’s a tale we’ve heard a thousand times, and yet somehow “Never Thought I’d See You Again” manages to make the wound feel fresh and new – like we were just hurt yesterday.

But I never thought I’d see you again
Looking as pretty as you did back then
And it caught me off guard
Like a dagger through my heart
‘Cause I never thought I;d see you again

“‘Never Thought I’d See You Again’ is a song that captures the moment and feeling of seeing an old lover for the first time since you thought you’d moved on and realizing that you haven’t,” Coyle Girelli tells Atwood Magazine. “That punch in the gut feeling that tells you that your heart is still there and the tangle in your chest and mind it causes. At a party, the coffee shop or just walking down the street. It’s a wild and deeply uncomfortable feeling.”

Coyle Girelli © 2018
Coyle Girelli © 2018

As comforting as it may be to see someone from your distant past, that regurgitation of old feelings swells into a nasty ball that sits ominously in the pit of your stomach. Ultimately, there’s nothing redeeming about the experience; you’d likely be much better off having never seen that person again.

Now I’m lying here with her by my side
And I’m running from a truth that I can’t hide
She’s pure and sweet and true
Coyle Girelli © 2018
Coyle Girelli © 2018
She’s mine but she’s not you
I can’t really love her though I’ve tried

For over a decade, Coyle Girelli fronted two successful rock bands, extensively toured the UK, the US and Canada, and explored various stylings within the pop/rock canon. His solo material is a distinctive break from what anyone’s accustomed to hearing from him, but it nevertheless feels right: “Never Thought I’d See You Again” is a natural fit for Girelli’s emotive croon, giving him a chance to flex his vocals in ways he’s never done before, while indulging in rich sounds and meaningful lyrics. Stream “Never Thought I’d See You Again” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for Girelli’s forthcoming debut solo album Love Kills, out this Friday, July 27, 2018!

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Love Kills - Coyle Girelli

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