Las Vegas Heroes The Killers Introduce ‘Rebel Diamonds’ With Striking New Single “Spirit”

The Killers at 2023 Leeds Festival © Chris Phelps
The Killers at 2023 Leeds Festival © Chris Phelps
Brandon Flowers talked about The Killers’ latest (greatest) hits compilation as somewhere between Bowie and Brando, in name at least. Packed with iconic songs from an illustrious twenty-year career, new single “Spirit” reminds us that, as Mr. Flowers says, “What’s remembered lives.”
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Island Records already calls The Killers’ track a “brand new anthem ready to be sung at festivals across the world,” and that sentiment is indeed apparent right off the bat.

There are heady, danceable comparisons to the best tracks off late aughts epic Day & Age, but there’s another edge to “Spirit.”

It’s as if the band harnessed the bright lights of Day & Age, then blended it with the fire & brimstone of 2012’s criminally under-appreciated Battle Born – and for good measure, there’s an intensity that burns like the highway skyline of Sam’s Town.

Rebel Diamonds - The Killers
Rebel Diamonds – The Killers

Flowers sings of the need to “leverage love” and “process pain,” taking the good with the bad, along with the knowledge that if destiny truly is kind, well, the rest is on your mind.

The legendary lead singer quite literally cuts through the darkness in rapturous fashion, reaching out for a holy spirit, an indefinable quality and yearning out there in the distance (perhaps under a starry sky, just out of reach of the neon signs of Las Vegas).

Indeed, striving and searching for purpose are never far from the mind of the famed singer and showman, and “Spirit” doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions.

The Killers © Todd Weaver
The Killers © Todd Weaver

In interviews, Flowers has talked about his continual quest to better himself, an admirable trait also guided by his faith – no matter how many times you fall to the ground, the glory lies in the attempt.

“Spirit” moves with all the energy of a heroic prizefighter, packing in plenty of texture in just under three minutes.

It’s a hero’s journey to rival anything off Sam’s Town, but with a more modern sonic edge to it.

Through it all, Flowers remains in the ring – he’s “just trying to find the faith to fill the gap one more time.”

But the dreams of which Flowers sings remain the most striking part of the track. It’s all part of a never-ending desire to cement his name among the greats.

My dreams are big and bathing in light,” Flowers belts, and you can hear the defiance and determination in his voice.

At least one song from each of the band’s seven studio albums appears on Rebel Diamonds, part of a tracklist that’s already inspired fervor and debate in Reddit fan forums.

The Killers at 2023 Leeds Festival © Chris Phelps
The Killers at 2023 Leeds Festival © Chris Phelps

“Spirit” is a curious portrait of things to come – or perhaps a moment frozen in time.

Brandon Flowers has noted that a recent new album was scrapped, which means “Spirit” might exist only on this 20-song greatest hits compilation. And yet, like 2022’s one-off single “boy,” the song is assuredly destined for its rightful debut in a Killers live setlist that grows more packed by the year.

Flowers faces down questions and uncertainty alongside the band throughout “Spirit” – he doesn’t exactly know what’s true, but he’s ready, waiting and poised to step out of the darkness with all those dreams, “big and bathing in light,” close at hand.

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Stream: “Spirit” – The Killers

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Rebel Diamonds - The Killers

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