Premiere: UK Trio Twist Helix’s Unapologetic “Louder” Is a Call for Gender Equality

Twist Helix © Jay Dawson
Twist Helix © Jay Dawson
Having experienced the sexism that dominates the music industry, Newcastle synth-pop trio Twist Helix release “Louder,” a protest song in support of women.
Stream: “Louder” – Twist Helix
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“Louder” is about my frustration with the music industry; the ingrained gender imbalance at festivals… and my exasperation at feeling trapped between being either ignored or made voiceless.

Recently, the widely known BRIT Awards took place in the UK, not without being surrounded by controversy. Once again, the sexism that dominates the music industry was exposed, with only one British female artist being nominated in mixed-gender categories, for which there were 25 available slots. However, the cherry on top of the cake came later, when the lineup for the Reading and Leeds festival was announced, raising eyebrows. Social media was quickly flooded with edits of the festival poster without male artists removed, leaving it looking bare, nearly an empty canvas.

On a more positive note, the latter is a sign that something is changing: People took on to social networks to share their frustrations and to show their support of female artists. Bea Garcia, lead singer of Newcastle upon Tyne trio Twist Helix, is one of those who are raising their voices for gender equality, as she and her band do in their latest single, “Louder.”

Louder - Twist Helix
Louder – Twist Helix
Do I have a choice?
Not one of the boys,
never make a noise,
no voice

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Louder,” which marks Twist Helix’s return and is part of their upcoming sophomore album, due to be released in September. Consisting of Bea Garcia, James Walker and Matthew Barron and hailing from Alicante and Newcastle, Twist Helix introduced their artistry in 2016 and released their debut album Ouseburn in 2018.

A perfect example of unapologetic pop, “Louder” marks the band’s first offering in two years and showcases their ability to create synth-heavy soundscape intertwined with captivating hooks and soaring vocals.

Biting on my tongue forever,
Forever I choke back on all of my needs
I bore my heart never
Yet never I give up on all I believe
Twist Helix © Jay Dawson
Twist Helix © Jay Dawson

Twist Helix © Jay Dawson
Twist Helix © Jay Dawson

“‘Louder’ is about my frustration with the music industry; the ingrained gender imbalance at festivals, the absence of female artists at industry events, and my exasperation at feeling trapped between being either ignored or made voiceless,” lead singer Bea Garcia tells Atwood Magazine. “I feel like female artists are being held to an impossible standard, and in my own experience it just seems like we’ve had to tour more, graft harder and shout louder just to get a minimum of attention from the gatekeepers of the industry. We’re definitely not the only artists who feel this, but no one really wants to put their head above the parapet and call out the issues for fear they’ll be knocked back forever. So the song is a euphoric release of all those worries and frustrations.”

I’ve been overlooked,
And underbooked
My words mistook
And my confidence shook
There’s nothing, there’s nothing
There’s nothing I would take back
In an industry, in an industry
That I could scream at
I can’t shout it much louder

As the bridge comes in, the lyrics adopt a literal tone that brings the message into the spotlight. The track reaches its climax and the energy multiplies, as the singer’s voice raises, infusing the lyrical content with energy. The song finally culminates with the last chorus, a final call for fairness.

Twist Helix © Jay Dawson
Twist Helix © Jay Dawson

Lighthearted in sound, yet powerful in lyrical content, “Louder” is an anthem for all the women in the music industry who have been overlooked, disrespected or ignored.

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Stream: “Louder” – Twist Helix
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Louder - Twist Helix

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