Premiere: Amberay’s Teen Dream “Woman Like a Fantasy”

Amberay 2017
Amberay 2017

“She’s in the middle of the world world world,” sings Amberay in opening her sophomore single, “Woman Like a Fantasy.” It’s an apt portrayal of a teen in love, capturing the passion and fury of the most potent emotion.

She talks like a fool and she laughs like an angel,
her tears are so sweet and she is so smart
But her eyes are so fierce
just like a wolf who is waiting for its pray
Her claws are so sharp and her fur is so warm
Her eyes are so indescribable
Just like a woman
“Woman Like a Fantasy” – Amberay

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Woman Like a Fantasy,” the engaging second release from rising teen artist Amberay. Calling both London and Ibiza home, Amberay blends youthful wonder with musical know-how that is far beyond her years. Her debut “I Say Stop” introduced her to the world just short of a year ago, and her follow-up is an equally engaging blend of singer/songwritery pop goodness.

Woman like a fantasy
But she’s gone in the dark
and she is not coming back
Woman like a fantasy
She dresses like a boy
it’s modern love

“This song is all about a beautiful woman in love, how she feels, how it feels to be in love while describing the shape of her body, saying women are irresistible – an ideal woman,” shares Amberay. “Woman Like a Fantasy” offers a multi-dimensional approach to emotion, lightly touching off the physical, emotional, and more. Amberay continues about her ideal woman, noting how “she compares the feeling of knowing how it feels to a rose in the middle of your heart, she compares herself to a majestic glass of red wine and how such beauty should be hidden away.”

Amberay 2017
Amberay 2017

Love is strong – dangerously strong. Its power is such that it has no true physical comparison – quantifying it is a fool’s errand. Yet while even beginning to understand love might be an equally impossible task, it is something artists must nonetheless set out to accomplish – for what is life, without emotion? And how can we, without art, understand, interpret, and best of all, celebrate our emotions?

“Woman Like a Fantasy” embraces the raw emotion of love headfirst, engulfing us in the magic of that most exciting feeling. At fifteen years of age, Amberay has a long, long way to go – but her journey is beginning on a high note, with class and candor in a video that captures the bliss of young, vivid emotion.

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