Premiere: Will Samson Blends Grief & Bliss into Ethereal New Song “Flowerbed”

Will Samson © Desiree Rousseau
Will Samson © Desiree Rousseau
UK artist Will Samson’s celestial “Flowerbed” resonates with wonder, sorrow, and serenity in its delicate exploration of being, growth, and loss.
Stream: “Flowerbed” – Will Samson
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I thought about that space of joyful peace and wondered if, simply put, that’s where my late dad moved on to.

Of such a thing as ethereal earthiness exists, Will Samson’s got it. The British singer/songwriter has been actively exploring a musical blend of the sky and the ground since 2012, with his aptly-titled debut album Balance. Seven years later, Samson continues to deliver dazzling sonic wonders as he teases his forthcoming fifth album. His celestial latest single “Flowerbed” resonates with wonder, sorrow, and serenity in its delicate exploration of being and loss.

Paralanguage - Will Samson
Paralanguage – Will Samson
Hunt me down attacking clouds
Start a fire a fire

Tacit now our stories
found In lies untold

Watch this pass like seasons
You cannot force it out and
Drop the weight on your shoulders
It was never even real

Break in the light
Dad, I won’t be long

God, I surrender myself

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Flowerbed,” the latest single off Will Samson’s upcoming fifth album Paralanguage (out December 6th on Wichita Recordings). Released after lead single “Ochre Alps,” “Flowerbed” continues to develop upon what has been described as Samson’s personal journey following the loss of his father. An indie folk sonic affair filled with echoing electronics and radiant falsettos, “Flowerbed” marries what one might call “cold” and “warm” musical elements into a sweet median of sound, where the claps of an electronic drum kit seamlessly entertwine with the fragile resonance of breathtaking violins. This haunting blend of orchestral and electronic sounds defines the core sonic character of Samson’s Paralanguage, coming to life with bountiful color in “Flowerbed.”

“‘Flowerbed’ feels like the materialisation of so much I’ve wanted to create and express for the last few years, all within one piece of music,” Will Samson tells Atwood Magazine. “There’s a lot I could say, but for the purpose of restraint, it is a song about a psilocybin journey, grief, surrender, and bliss.”

Samson continues: “For a long time I had felt as though I had been having to swim hard against the current. A gentle, albeit powerful experience with psilocybin felt like a profound reminder to internally surrender to the flow of life. I spent the Summer’s afternoon with my (then) partner, feeling like a happy child. Amazed at the natural world, free of thought, totally present – all of which was accompanied by a familiar deep sense of love and a gentle euphoria. I suppose it could be summed up to a feeling of connection.”

It is a song about a psilocybin journey, grief, surrender, and bliss…

That connection resonates throughout Samson’s song, as his high vocals melt across a vibrant background of rich timbres and complementary melodies. He explains, “The vocals were written and recorded a few days later, whilst micro-dosing. I thought about that space of joyful peace and wondered if, simply put, that’s where my late dad moved on to. Up to that point, I had read a lot about micro-dosing for creative use, and from my personal experience, it really did work. I felt a very clear internal shift, specifically when singing these vocals, which allowed the song to finally come together after having worked on it for months.”

The resulting song is at once a thoughtful, if not somewhat existential take on transience with an incredibly intimate layer of meaning that flows from the artist to the listener. Samson’s devotion to his father, his love, and his grief all echo through the vast, brilliant soundscapes he so illustratively crafts across “Flowerbed.” These feelings come to life even further though the artist’s Daisy Moseley-directed music video, which focuses audience attention on the natural world and our relationship to nature.

Will Samson © Desiree Rousseau
Will Samson © Desiree Rousseau

Moseley dives into the video: “When thinking about visuals for Flowerbed, I took most of my inspiration from conversations I’d had with Will,” she says. “He talked about how the song represented a shift in consciousness for him – in letting go of personal pressures, things began to flow much more freely. He described it as a kind of release of emotion, similar to a damn being burst open. We agreed water should be an essential motif in the video and therefore capturing this in the right way was a key factor.”

Moseley goes on, “The theme of the song really resonated with me but I wanted to communicate how the feeling is in a constant state of flux. Moving between past and present, nature and city, memory and reality, it’s a continual navigation between a series of dualities. This is why I chose the spilt screen and set the video in both the countryside and the city. The character tries to remain focused on the present but memories from the past endure regardless.”

A well spring of musical movement rich with meaning, “Flowerbed” is a powerful song for the casual listener and a cathartic experience to anyone actively grieving. Will Samson reminds us of just how special life really is: That we are here for mere moments, and that our time is worth cherishing and embracing as best we possibly can.

Joining Will Samson on his journey, we are apt learn so much more about ourselves. Stream the new single and music video exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from Paralanguage – out December 6th via Wichita Recordings!

Stream: “Flowerbed” – Will Samson
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Paralanguage - Will Samson

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