Premiere: Grace Ackerman Struggles to Keep “Faith” with Dark Passion

Grace Ackerman © 2018
Grace Ackerman © 2018
A dark and aching cry, Grace Ackerman’s evocative single “Faith” struggles to find hope in a loveless, dying relationship.

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Just as love is slow to grow, it is slow to wither. Every day, two souls drift a little farther apart – not enough for anyone to notice, but enough for them to feel like something’s wrong. Ultimately, it all comes toppling down: The ashen coals of a once-beautiful connection. A dark and aching cry, Grace Ackerman’s evocative new single “Faith” struggles to find hope in a loveless, dying relationship.

Blistered feet and burnt our tongues
We’ve been walking, talking way too much
Tryna fix our broken hearts
So how have we ended up back at the start
Listen: “Faith” – Grace Ackerman
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Faith,” the sophomore single from Grace Ackerman. The former lead singer of UK four-piece Chasing Grace, Grace Ackerman introduced her solo project late last year through debut single “Feels Like Home,” a raw piano that slowly develops into a mesmerizing pop explosion. Reminiscent of Florence Welch (of Florence + The Machine), Grace Ackerman’s voice is expressive and full-bodied – a stirringly powerful entity in its own right. Combined with the right instrumental surroundings, and Ackerman becomes an unstoppable force.

Faith - Grace Ackerman
Faith – Grace Ackerman

Such is the case with “Faith,” a propulsive dark pop anthem full of cold-blooded tension. The artist’s second single finds her struggling to maintain a relationship on its last legs:

I’ll need stitches after all this pain
You’ll be in stitches,
While you place your blame
But I can see straight through you,
clear as day

You need me, and I need faith

“’Faith’ is about the breaking point in a relationship,” Grace Ackerman tells Atwood Magazine. “wherein one person wants the other back, but it’s past the point of rescue and they have lost all hope in it… so [they] therefore have to seek belief in something else – ‘You need me and I need faith’.”

Grace Ackerman © 2018
Grace Ackerman © 2018

“Faith” affirms Grace Ackerman as a pop star in the making: She controls the scene with her sheer voice and glossy polish, showing no mercy as she lets loose without restraint in the song’s chorus:

You stole my soul to stay awake
Broke my heart to feel my pain
Now I’m blind and you see straight
And all I’m left with is my faith
You need me and I need faith
You need me and I need faith
You need me and I need faith
You need me and I need faith

Things are failing, and fast: When you can’t hold onto the one you used to lean on, who can you turn to? What can you trust in? Where can you place your faith? Ackerman is adrift at sea, looking for a life preserver to keep her from sinking. There’s someone else next to her, but they can’t help each other anymore. She has to look elsewhere.

Love hurts a lot, especially when it’s drowning. Marrying EDM elements with heavy pop flare, “Faith” captures that pain with heavy, heartfelt emotion. Grace Ackerman ignites with hauntingly intimate fury on her sophomore single, a sign of great things to come from this stellar artist to watch.

We’ve got “Faith” in you, Grace.

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Faith - Grace Ackerman

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