Live Review: The Rose Stun Austin, Texas on Their “Dawn to Dusk” Tour

The Rose: Dawn To Dusk World Tour © Christian Haahs
The Rose: Dawn To Dusk World Tour © Christian Haahs
As their third to last stop on their North American tour, The Rose brings raw vocals and their singalong songs to Austin, Texas.
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The corner of West 2nd and Lavaca, in Austin, was lined with fans from 7 PM on Monday evening in anticipation of the show on Tuesday, November 7th. Fans of the rose, called Black Roses, camped outside the iconic ACL Live at Moody Theater venue, circling around the Willie Nelson statue that sits out front. As dusk turned into dawn, the line got longer as the anticipation rose.

The Korean alt-pop band, The Rose, is no stranger to dedicated fans. Their highly anticipated North American tour garnered immense hype throughout the fanbase and had their VIP tickets selling out in minutes. With the members Woosung (vocalist & guitarist), Dojoon (vocalist & keyboardist), Jaehyeon (bassist), and Hajoon (drummer) the band is well known for their raw vocals and intense musicality.

The Rose: Dawn To Dusk World Tour © Christian Haahs
The Rose: Dawn To Dusk World Tour © Christian Haahs

As the lights went down and smoke filled the stage, the crowd roared in excitement for the quartet to enter the stage. The Rose has a stage set up that is atypical to most live instrumental bands. While the most common set up has one main singer center stage, the bassist and the keyboardist on the corners of stage left and stage right respectively, and the drummer at the back, The Rose stand in a line where no member is in front or behind each other.

Starting from the left we have Hajoon, then Jaehyeon, then Woosung, and finally Dojoon, placed side by side and giving the audience an easy view of every single band member. The versatility of every member also shines during the show.

The Rose (L-R): Jaehyeong, Dojoon, Woosung, and Hajoon © Christian Haahs
The Rose (L-R): Jaehyeong, Dojoon, Woosung, and Hajoon © Christian Haahs

The Rose boasts of great singers and multi-instrumentalists, with a unique sound that was made for live music.

One of the best parts of The Rose’s show is their unfiltered vocals that come crisps through the speakers. They are one of those bands that sound even better than the record when you see them live.

While many bands have one lead singer, Woosung and Dojoon share the mic for most of their songs. Jaehyeon and Hajoon also get the opportunity to show off their vocal talent during the show. Woosung jokes about bringing in two special guest singers and introduces his bandmates that are already on stage. While the drummer and bassist sing backing vocals most of the time, their vocal abilities are put in the forefront during one of their songs and the crowd shrieked with joy after each verse.



The band has songs that are in English and some songs in Korean, however no matter which language they were singing in Black Roses never missed a beat. During the last verse of ‘Back to Me’ the band silenced the instruments and pointed the mic at the crowd. The fans sang the chorus, word for word, as their lightsticks flailed in the air. There was not an empty seat in the balcony or mezzanine and everyone was up on their feet during the entire two hours. During their song ‘Red,’ the general admission floor vibrated from Black Roses jumping along.

The band puts on a great live concert that is unmatched to any other. “I’ve been to four shows this tour” a fan outside boasts prior to the show. “There is an energy that is unexplainable at every The Rose show. They’re just so talented and put on such a good [show].”

The Rose recently concluded their North American leg of tour. They will be continuing in more countries, with dates being announced soon. Their latest album DUAL is available to stream on all streaming platforms.

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