Today’s Song: Lola Young’s Fresh New Single “Messy” Isn’t for You. Perhaps That’s What Makes It So Irresistible

Lola Young © Sophie Jones
Lola Young © Sophie Jones
Lola Young’s new single “Messy” highlights the unapologetic and unfiltered lyrical storytelling on her sophomore album ‘This Wasn’t Meant For You Anyway.’
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In a small font at the bottom of the art for Lola Young’s new single “Messy,” you’ll see a note from the up-and-coming singer/songwriter saying, “this wasn’t meant for you anyway.”

While fans may know this as the title of her upcoming record, (released June 21st via A Day One / Island Records), for a first-time listener it reads as an early warning for what is about to come. As much as you may relate to her highly personal lyrics, this is her story to tell.

This Wasn't Meant For You Anyway - Lola Young
This Wasn’t Meant for You Anyway – Lola Young

Across four and a half minutes, “Messy” is a beautiful display of Young’s gritty vocals and world-class lyrical storytelling. As a listener, it plays out as if you are watching the singer leave an angry voicemail to her lover, simply fed up with the irrationality of trying to please a partner who will never be satisfied.

 “Can you shut up for like once in your life?
Listen to me.
I took your nice words of advice
about how you think I’m gonna die.
Lucky if I turned 33.
‘Cause I’m too messy.
And then I’m too f*ing clean
You told me, “Get a job”
then you ask where the hell I’ve been.”

There’s a subtle build to the song that draws you in quickly. The backing track slowly gets louder as it plays out, her vocals seemingly get angrier and her lyrics start to take shape as pointed criticism. If there’s one throughline in Young’s songwriting it is that she is going to tell you exactly how she feels. “It’s a statement; I like being clear when writing lyrics,” she told Atwood Magazine earlier this year when asked about her provocative songwriting style.



At only 23 years old, to many listeners Lola Young is a new voice set to break through the music industry. But her signature, unapologetic lyrics and powerful vocals have already made a big impression. In 2022 she was nominated for the Brit Award for Rising Star, and her live performances have garnered rave reviews from top critics.

It’s taking you ages
You still don’t get the hint
I’m not asking for pages
But one text or two would be nice
And please, don’t pull those faces
When I’ve been out working my arse off all day
It’s just one bottle of wine or two
But hey, you can’t even talk
You smoke weed just to help you sleep
Then why you’re out getting stoned at 4 o’clock
And then you come home to me
And don’t say hello
‘Cause I got high again
And forgot to fold my clothes

Her sophomore album, set to come out this Friday (June 21), features buzzworthy singles, including critically acclaimed releases like “Conceited” and “Wish You Were Dead.”

In a statement on her website, Young describes the album with her classic candor: “Here is my first-born child, a f**k you to all my exes, and basically me just trying to figure out some s**t openly and honestly on record. First of many and if you don’t like it, then this wasn’t meant for you anyway.”

Lola Young © Sophie Jones
Lola Young © Sophie Jones

When we caught up with Young earlier this year, she had one request for those who are new to her music: “Don’t take me too seriously, but please take my music seriously – it’s all I have and all I care about! Listen and try and feel something, whatever it is that may be.”

With releases as strong as “Messy,” Young’s wish for listeners to take her music seriously feels like a safe bet. “Messy” is available to stream on all platforms now.

‘Cause I’m too messy
And then I’m too f*ing clean
You told me, “Get a job”
And you ask where the hell I’ve been
And I’m too perfect
‘Til I open my big mouth
I want to be me
Is that not allowed?
And I’m too clever
And then I’m too f*ing dumb
You hate it when I cry
Unless it’s that time of the month
And I’m too perfect
‘Til I show you that I’m not
A thousand people I could be for you
And you hate the f*ing lot

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Stream: “Messy” – Lola Young

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