“Kaleidoscope of Catharsis”: A Track-by-Track Review of Lia Rye’s ‘Fever Dream’ EP

Fever Dream - Lia Rye
Fever Dream - Lia Rye
British artist Lia Rye has created a kaleidoscope of catharsis on her latest EP, ‘Fever Dream.’

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Breaking stereotypes and accomplishing some of her biggest fears, British artist Lia Rye has unveiled her debut EP Fever Dream.

Offering a kaleidoscope of catharsis with her euphonious vocal energy and reflective riffs, Fever Dream (independently released in May) explores mellow melodies and lyrical resonance like no other. Incorporating strong creative narratives and truly telling tales, the South London artist’s debut EP is nothing short of perfection. An emotive and eclectic exploration, Fever Dream offers five tracks of pure alternative pop bliss.

Bringing her chronicle full circle, Lia Rye’s lyrical ingenuity proves she is a force to be reckoned with.

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Inside Fever Dream

Fever Dream

The EP kicks off with the self-titled single “Fever Dream.” During a compelling songwriting lesson in college, Rye found herself writing a ten-minute description and narrative around particular objects. She explains, “I combined two object writing tasks, one about a snow globe and the other about the word home. Somehow what I wrote about those two topics turned into a song that is a metaphor for perfectionism.” The single describes the narrative of a frustrated painter, spanned by the complications of recreation. Her lyrical analysis of such is beautifully complimented with blissful melodies, echoing vocals, and tantalizing synths making for an incredible opener. Rye shares, “I heard that the definition for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. This painter falls into this unfortunate fate, furiously going through these scenes yet still longing for that masterpiece.”


Next up is “Habits.” Opening with the familiar flows of an electric guitar, Rye showcases her musical adaptability like no other. Taking an alt-rock tone, the focus track of the EP “Habits” falls within the self-confessed 10% of songs that are based on Rye’s own experience. Released with an internal monologue of catharsis, “Habits” tells the story of a self-centered person building their own reality to the detriment of others, and eventually themselves. Rye shares, “I wrote ‘Habits’ when I was 13 in 2017, a year which was a huge shift for me and influenced my outlook on life to this day.” Concluding with a compelling chronicle, the track shares the idea that “They’ll never be what others want them to be”.
As the first song written intentionally for Fever Dream, Rye was keen to finally bless listeners with the long-awaited hit. Offering a narrative and compelling catharsis, “Habits” has become an incredibly popular hit!

Blue Midnight

Following “Habits” is the melodious “Blue Midnight.” Also created during a school songwriting project, Rye treats this song as a sequel to the heavily admired tune “Novocaine”, later featured on the EP. Rye explains, “It carries on the story of the runaway still going through their tribulations, untimely ending up truly lost.” Lyrically, the song reveals an impeccable narrative, following on from “Novocaine”, “Blue Midnight” offers yet more mellifluous vocals, harmonic piano tones, and a powerful rhythm. Differing from the ballads explored further in the EP, “Blue Midnight” offers yet another variation of Rye’s truly remarkable musical capabilities, continuing to journey through an addictive narrative.
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One Track Way

The penultimate tune “One Track Way” continues to explore the lyrical theme of cause and effect, understanding repercussions and how actions can often lead to disintegration. Rye describes the tale as “my own take on highway to hell”, personifying telling tales and bittersweet emotiveness. Continuing her lyrical exploration, “One Track Way” came from haphazardly lyrical ideas. She explains, “I came up with ‘I’ve got nine prayers nine lives’ and ‘gasoline in the back’ and the song grew from there. I also quoted a line from one of my GCSE poems I was studying at the time. ‘Straight into the mouth of hell’ is from ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson.”
Taking heavy intrigue from the tales behind the poetic narrative, Rye’s next single was born, incorporating the compelling storyline in a simply remarkable way.


Last, but certainly not least, the concluding tune “Novocaine” was the first song Rye wrote with her keyboard at the age of 12! Eventually transporting her earlier demos into a fully-recorded rendition, “Novocaine” connotes the story of a runaway who faces the trials of the streets. Strong themes of dependency and an in-depth analysis of a personal moral compass see “Novocaine” come to life. Explaining that eventually the character pictured is “Only left with their pain”, the concluding single is sequenced by “Blue Midnight.” A phycological conclusion offering a metaphorical exploration into how to manage inner pain, “Novocaine” ironically presents as song listeners can simultaneously groove and grieve to. Making for a truly remarkable ending to her debut EP Fever Dream, Lia Rye has carved out her own style and musical persona that is nothing short of sensational.

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